Leadership Lessons from a Freedom Pioneer

Katherine A. Carroll, Associate Editor, NTP
(C) 2015 Katherine A. Carroll

Charles Isaac Crecelius
March 10, 1921 – August 31, 2015

“Don’t tell me it’s hard, tell me it’s worth it in three to five years.”


The first time I saw him was October of 2011. A slight, yet commanding figure perched on the balcony scanning the street below; piercing blue eyes with hawk-like intensity searching …. Looking up from under the weight of the intense gaze, it was instantly apparent; this was the Charles Isaac Crecelius; the oldest living past National Health Federation President; the man who had succeeded founder Fred Hart in 1965. Charles was 90-years old when we first had the privilege of being on his schedule. And he still kept a busy schedule as President of the Rough and Ready Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Economic Resource Council. He led by example. This was the first of many lessons I would learn over the next four years from a veteran and a true pioneer in a budding health-freedom movement: Once an activist, always an activist. Once one’s foot was set upon a path of service, it would remain for life.

Never was there a more gallant, sincere, noble man driven to elevate and free humanity than Charles Crecelius. Charles was the touchstone, the fiber of which NHF was woven through trials by fire, a living history, an expert strategist, a trench-veteran. In his presence, the light of his passion ignited his eyes and the strong timbre of his voice inspired in me, a new NHF volunteer, much confidence and fed my passion for health freedom.

By a chance encounter through NHF President Scott Tips’ impeccable research and persuasive writing, I entered the ranks of health-freedom fighters. In an excellently written and compelling article on Ractopamine, a veterinary steroid in meat, my inner activist was unleashed. People were poisoned by meat labeled “all natural.” As it turned out, Scott Tips had personally waged war against this atrocity at Codex since 2009. Despite my graduation as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in 2010, I had neither heard of Ractopamine nor Codex; this overt omission another atrocity from my perspective. In cumulative doses ingesting this doped meat potentially preceded symptoms mimicking panic and heart attack. Since veterinary drug residues do not show up on toxicology screens, healthcare practitioners treating affected patients would never know what they were treating. Ironically, racehorses incur disqualification if Ractopamine is detected in their bloodstream but humans could cumulate a powerful steroid-like drug despite a warning label that this vet drug was not for human consumption.

I was furious but grateful that NHF provided a platform to launch my own concerted effort to expose this outrageous violation of our health and health freedom. A sense of indebtedness and a deep respect for Scott’s front-line work in global policy-setting along with a fascination with the history of NHF’s now international health-freedom impact resulted. Little did I know that NHF had been consistently fighting behind the scenes for healthcare practitioners and business owners like me – nationally since 1955 before I was even born and internationally since 2009. Herein lies NHF’s uniqueness as no other health-freedom organization can even come close to making this claim that we consider fact and mission.


In a series of personal visits, phone calls, letters, and historical bulletins, Charles shared NHF’s genesis when Fred Hart was the President until 1965. Betty Lee Morales was an early founder of the Federation and in early 1960, Chiropractor Hugh Tuckie was the second founder. When Fred retired, Charles became President of NHF, serving 20 years in varying capacities. The seedbed of NHF channels the early founders of America like Jefferson who said to Dr. Benjamin Rush in 1800, “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Fred Hart, when asked why he started NHF in 1955, held that he, “became deeply concerned with the loss of individual freedom in a country which guarantees it … loss of the right to choose the method of treatment for illness or disease, without government interference.”

President Tips, in the same vein today, leads NHF based upon libertarian principles of freedom of choice in a true free-market economy. These tenets are not guaranteed now in the “land of the free” as globalization, World Trade facilitation, managed (not free) trade, and harmonization crush our freedoms and threaten personal and national sovereignty. We are thrust backwards hundreds of years fighting for the freedom to control our own lives once again. The sovereignty of our nations are threatened by overarching trade agreements like TTP and CETA. Corporations such as Monsanto and Big Pharma invade the sacred territory of our bodies with poisons and chemicals to destroy the sanctity of the human terrain.

Williamsburg, VA 2015

As I recently returned from a “Staff-Ride graduation tour” of the Yorktown and Petersburg battlefield sites in Virginia after receiving three years of leadership training with emphasis on military leaders and famous battles, it is clear that the war today NHF fights is for the last frontier, the terrain of the human being; the soil not of a land in this war but of our gut and the impact the degradation of that soil has on our mind and body; the fight for the sovereign right to govern our own self.

Strategic leadership to carry out the policies of NHF with cogent tactics and operations with global impact will defend health and health freedom. We are in a siege with attacks on all fronts. Never in NHF’s history or even the history of mankind has the attempt to destroy our health been so stealthily advanced yet so overt. Who has studied the effects of vaccine and drug overload coupled with GMO-ridden “food” replete with additives, chemicals, contaminants and their un-researched interactions coalesced with nutrient depleted soils, increasing electromagnetic exposure, wearable tech, geoengineering, and trade agreements that strip away our sovereignty? The battle has changed, even during President Tips’ eight years of leadership.

Lessons of the past are enduring and so I asked Charles, “What triggered your passion for NHF?” We had been enjoying lunch on a crisp, Fall afternoon in Grass Valley. Charles pushed his now empty plate back – he always exhibited an excellent appetite – and leaning in with his elbows on the table said he’d accompanied Fred and his wife Dorothy Hart to a meeting where they were showing Laetrile films. The suppression of valid cancer therapies by the Food and Drug Administration as well as the fluoridation of water was the shot heard around the World for soon-to-be President Charles Crecelius.

Charles’ father Isaac had been an evangelist in Mifflin, Wisconsin when Charles was born March 10, 1921. Later, his mother Irma noted Charles came home from elementary school with straight A’s and was his high school’s valedictorian. Committed to education, he attended Platteville State; received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Teachers College, and a Master’s Degree from the University of Southern California.

The International Ministerial Federation, Inc. ordained Charles in 1943 but he went into public-school education and Amway. Now a dedicated, passionate health-evangelist crusading for health freedom after service as an Army Air Corps sharp shooter during World War II, Charles had been based in Chabua, India from 1941-1945, receiving five medals. After this tour, Charles was an elementary-school teacher and later, Principal. He always occupied leadership roles. In the early years, Charles went to Australia a total of nine times, “I was going like a whirlwind. I noticed that during these trips to Australia the government tried to take supplements away in Australia and America too.”

Charles was entrenched on the front lines in a new health-freedom, weaponless warfare for the better part of 35 years. In James J. Schneider’s riveting book, T.E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolt, the traits of great leaders are defined as “extraordinary energy, personal courage, profound curiosity, keen powers of observation, and an aptitude for novelty and innovation.” It was clear that both Charles Crecelius and Scott Tips were cut from the same mold as described Lawrence of Arabia and I imagined Fred Hart was too. In his 90s, Charles was still a powerful visionary, analytical, forceful, and exhibiting the strength and savvy necessary to lead. His insight and wise counsel freely shared with NHF proved it.

In the 1990s, Charles and his wife Jeanette moved to Penn Valley, California. He lost her in the 53rd year of their marriage. Charles then lost himself in NHF, humbly stating, “NHF is a unique organization, having maintained its purpose and intensity over the years since its founding. This would not be possible without the full support and cooperation of our members. Because of our members’ and supporters’ efforts through the years, we can look with pride on our accomplishments.”


Meeting Charles was the pinnacle of my initiation into NHF culture; unforgettable. And also interacting with powerful thought-leaders and NHF history-makers like Scott Tips who joined NHF in 1986 as a member, serving on the Board of Governors nearly continuously since 1989, and becoming President in 2007 after Maureen Salaman Kennedy’s death. The professionalism and longevity of the majority of the loyal NHF Board of Governors and Advisory Board still strikes me, reflecting strong pride, belief, and enduring commitment to holding our freedom in relevant and practical ways. In these mentoring hours with Charles, a rare privilege, my own commitment to NHF grew and knowledge of the history I would come to record as NHF historian among other duties. My loving respect for this gentle, powerful man of steel and integrity Charles Crecelius grew as well. The last time I saw him early in 2015, I quietly wept knowing instinctively I would never see him again on Earth. He died August 31st.

Health freedom is increasingly intricate and litigious. With trade agreements like TTP and CETA, activists are in danger of being labeled terrorists and jailed or worse. Today, we have what may be a lifetime campaign ahead of us with each of these assaults a war in its own right; far more complex and with higher personal casualties such as vaccine-damaged people than in Charles’ day when he focused on fluoride or laetrile singularly.

Whether for the right to choose, the right to clean food and water, the right to use nutritional supplements with therapeutic values; NHF fights largely alone on the global stage of political power with no other health-freedom organization by its side at Codex. Four years and many Codex meetings later, I am still stunned at the profound impact that NHF’s food activism has had on the seven billion individuals who benefit by these efforts. I am honored to participate dynamically as an NHF activist championing health and health freedom alongside other truly committed activists. The investments that Charles Crecelius made over the years bore much fruit. He effectively passed his mantle to President Tips and to other key NHF leaders and so his legacy continues.


The quintessential leader, Charles would undoubtedly concur,
“Don’t ask me if it’s hard. Ask me if it’s worth it in three to five years.”

Charles spoke several times of the inevitable persecution, familiar in the Christian faith he cherished, which accompanied those working in health freedom. King Henry VIII of England burned 300 at the stake each year for dissenting. Infiltration and “plants” work by these same principles through a process Charles called “trial by publicity,” working to destroy the lives and reputations of honest, sincere, and dedicated health-freedom champions.

Many NHF pioneers and contemporaries endure the same “trial by publicity” persecution and prosecution. NHF Board of Governors member Dr. Richard Kunin stresses the absolute need for NHF to protect practitioners. Attacked five times by the medical authorities as a healer, he has both defended and counter-attacked hard and won each time. President Tips, having succeeded in breaching global territory by his skilled introduction of NHF to the Codex process even before his tenure as President, has citizens of countries like South Africa petitioning for NHF’s help as they encounter challenges to continued herb and supplement use. NHF fills a unique and vital role in the World; more so with each passing day and the exponentially increasing threats to transnational health freedoms.

Charles told us he always opened the Board of Governors meetings with prayer as Fred Hart had done. A deeply religious man, the inner light never dimmed throughout his life. He spoke from his heart sharing that he never stressed; that was evident in his little-lined face. Many years ago he found himself in a property dispute requiring arbitration. That was the fulcrum. Thereafter, he gave up worrying. That decision very likely accounts for his successful longevity coupled with a largely vegetarian diet and nutritional supplementation.

Charles never had health insurance. Enjoying good health until nearly the end, he complained only of a few minor “aches and pains.” The last visit just months before he died, compelled by a mental picture of my father enjoying the last ice cream cone of his life in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, it seemed fitting to get a malt for dear Charles. For a man who had practiced extreme self-care much of his life, this slightly naughty departure was more than rewarded with the zeal with which he attacked that malt, and it was indeed his last.

Curious about the locations of the NHF offices, I asked Charles about them. He shared, “I moved to the San Francisco office two years after I became President. I stayed there two years before suggesting that NHF use my personal offices in Monrovia. We remodeled that building and it was ready to serve as the new headquarters. Back then, in the 1970s, NHF had about 25,000 members.” NHF was hosting successful conventions in Pasadena and Chicago during that time. Large facilities were secured to hold all of the members interested in health freedom.

Clinton Miller was NHF’s second lobbyist at that time and Charles described him as a ‘tenacious bulldog.’ When he latched on to an issue, the lobbyist never released his death grip. “If Clinton got a ‘no,’ he’d be back again the next day; the man simply wouldn’t give up or take no for an answer but I guess it paid off when Clinton won the fluoridation issue at that time,” Charles said.

I asked Charles if he had any words of advice for President Tips and without a moment’s hesitation he declared, “Scott is in control and is doing well.” Today the distinguished and loyal members of the NHF Board of Governors and NHF staff and volunteers carry on honoring Charles’ life of service and the pioneers before him. Hardworking, true activists, and eminent thought-leaders making history, President Tips and Board of Governors members such as Dr. Richard Kunin who founded the Orthomolecular Society with Linus Pauling, Dr. Murray Susser, Dr. Hans Kugler – all personally knew and worked alongside former NHF President Maureen Salaman Kennedy. Dr. Dan Kenner and then later GreenMedInfo founder Sayer Ji joined this renowned group to carry on the NHF legacy. Their illustrious names will ring throughout history as championing health and health freedom, laying down their lives on the path of service along with our faithful volunteers, staff, members, and supporters.

“It was our early founder’s belief that those who followed would dedicate themselves to the cause of health freedom as effectively as they had. They passed on to us a sacred trust, with no promise that the road would be easier. And for many it hasn’t been! Stand they did, and stand we must!” -Charles I. Crecelius.

In 2011, I wrote that Charles Crecelius will be in the game as long as he has breath. And he was. If you’d have asked him, over his 20-year term with NHF, if it was hard, he surely would have said, “Don’t ask me if it’s hard. Ask me if it’s worth it in three to five years.” And so it was and so it is.
This article first published in Health Freedom News 2015

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Deep State Investing and the Prostitution of Our Children

By Katherine A. Carroll, Associate Editor, NTP


Feeding babies is Big Business – Deep-State style. The essence of the Deep State is “a combination of government and private businesses, working arm in arm to take advantage of the public.” Here, that public is “mother and child.” Where infant and follow-up formula (FUF) are concerned, whether purchasing, consuming, or investing in that increasingly lucrative market, the question for the health and health-freedom advocate is, “Whether in the financial market or the supermarket, do your purchases represent your ethics, beliefs, and principles or do they satisfy a less noble demand?”

Consumers drive markets. You hold an exquisite balance of power to move markets by boycotting products lacking integrity and demanding what you want and deserve. Are you taking on the Deep State by flexing intelligently based consumer power? The National Health Federation (NHF) completed another year of work in the Codex Committee for Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses, going head to head with the Deep State in Codex’s electronic and physical Working Groups. It is despicable how the Deep State drives infant formula and FUF; how it impacts every segment of certain formula markets. It is certainly not supportive of children or their mothers.

Demand Due Diligence

Strangely, in light of GMO contamination, recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBST), MSG, sugar, and other contaminants in U.S. and/or international infant and follow-up formulas including cupric sulfate (a known herbicide, fungicide, and pesticide), key private investment advisor Porter Stanberry plugs the Mead Johnson ticker to potential investors, stating that “Enfamil and other Mead Johnson brands already have a reputation for uncompromised quality.” (emphasis added)


Does the term, “due diligence” ring a bell – the care that a reasonable person would exercise to avoid harm to one’s (or others’) persons or property? Stansberry clearly failed to do due diligence to support the “uncompromised quality” label claim he pitched to potential investors who hopefully do theirs. Depending where an investor, consumer, or referring doctor’s mores lay determines if Stansberry’s quality claim was researched with healthy skepticism as part of due diligence. Note Stansberry’s expansion on his already wild claim for “uncompromised quality” while leveraging the power in the marketplace of doctor-referred brands: “But when doctors actively dissuade moms from “shopping around,” it provides some additional width to an already wide competitive moat.”
These statements, to the critical thinker, reflect Deep State implications: Doctors, manufacturers, and governments coalescing to take advantage of the trust many parents place in their pediatrician’s feeding recommendation. The product is also expensive, if purchased, adding perceived value when its label reads more like a witch’s brew. Moreover, it is underwritten by the U.S. Government in entitlement programs and is the Number-1, pediatrician-recommended formula despite the unpronounceable, dangerous ingredients – proving that recommending physicians do not do their own due diligence either. Just google some of the ingredients on the Enfamil and Similac labels yourself. This is a perfect example of the Deep State in action. Can you ethically support this investment either financially or as a consumer?

This “#1 choice of pediatricians,” infant formula, Enfamil, contained GMOs as recently as October 2015. Even now, only these two Mead Johnson products (for infants and children up to 12 months), discontinued GMOs, children over 12 months get GMO-contaminated formula. Parenting challenges us to unleash our inner activist, take control, research, and reach the critical decision as to what children will eat and how the health of mother and child will be impacted. Otherwise, innocent children are prostituted simply to make a market; their health and the health of the mother sacrificed on the altar of an investor’s portfolio, a bottom line benefitting doctors, manufacturers, and investors. America-based Mead Johnson clearly has other interests to feed at home and abroad and it apparently is not the good health and well-being of children as evidenced by the ghastly industrialized ingredient list.

“We cannot waste our precious children. Not another one, not another day. It is long past time for us to act on their behalf.” – Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel in their letter to the people of the World, May 2000

Ethical Investing versus Colluding with Deep State

How did this particular Deep State activity begin? Mead Johnson, founder of Johnson and Johnson, needed a solution. In 1888, he enlisted the help of Dr. Abraham Jacobi, the “father of pediatric medicine” to develop a formula to feed his failure-to-thrive son. A thousands-year-old respected profession of wet-nursing went into decline when Jacobi and Mead’s formula came to market even though it was based on potato starch. Later, the government facilitated distribution with entitlement programs. Remember, the essence of the Deep State is “a combination of government and private businesses, working arm in arm to take advantage of the public;” in this case, innocent children.

Today, Mead Johnson controls about 40% of the U.S. infant-formula market, according to Stansberry’s December 2015 Investment Advisory, and is supported significantly by State and Federal entitlement programs that buy its products. Abbott Labs’ Similac controls another 40% of the market. Some of their products’ ingredient lists begin with sugar and GMO ingredients. Similac is also supported in part by government entitlement programs. 76% of Mead Johnson’s company revenues are outside the U.S. with China in the lead.

Porter recommends putting Mead Johnson on your watch list as revenues grew 10% in 2014 and volumes and revenues are up again this year, between 5% and 7%. Further he states, “We truly consider Mead Johnson one of the best consumer products businesses in the world,” and he goes on to detail return on investment capital, return on equity, gross margins, earnings, and more. It’s a winner, right? As an investment advisor and in Stansberry’s defense, yes it is. But, ethically, to health and health-freedom activists, advocates, and consumers, no one wins in this losing trade. Our future depends on healthy, sound children growing into healthy, sound adults.

The question remains, “Where do you draw the line when investment opportunities profit some and hurt or damage others, particularly in such primary and vital areas as food and health?” We must determine our own ethics of investing, whether in the financial markets or at the supermarket. For many of us, ethical consideration begins by investing in mothers’ nutrition and education for successful pregnancy and breastfeeding, which is supported at home, in the workplace, and in society. Some marketing tactics of formula-makers include the caution regarding “low DHA and Vitamin D in breastmilk,” as if their formula was the solution. Tricking mothers into believing formula is superior because their milk might be deficient is inappropriate since any deficiency that might be present is easily corrected with targeted nutritional supplementation, not turning to formula supplementation.

NHF Faces the Deep State at Codex

The National Health Federation (NHF) has faithfully shown what goes on behind the closed conference room doors at Codex and throughout the year in electronic working groups coordinated around the Globe.

Because of NHF’s direct involvement as food activists helping to shape food standards at Codex Alimentarius, we help to shape policy in the global infant and follow-up formula market and many others. Whether fighting against misleading, illicit marketing methods or substandard nutrition, dangerous additives, contaminants, hormones, and GMOs inherent in many of these products, NHF takes on the Deep State internationally for you and your loved ones.
We began years ago working in the Codex Committee for Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) of which Follow-up formula is a part. Children and their mothers, their health both protected by breastfeeding, is compromised – even directly challenged – in the marketplace and by their own pediatricians and investment advisors who recommend FUF. Sadder still are parents who continue, despite living in the “information age,” to avoid taking full responsibility for feeding decisions for their children, trusting label claims and pediatrician’s recommendations.

Arguing at Codex, the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) said that, “The adoption of the Follow-on Formula standard in 1987 is universally acknowledged by health advocates as a mistake that has been used to establish and expand a market for unnecessary risky products to the detriment of child health.” Of the many hundreds of country and industry delegates at Codex, there is majority agreement that FUF is unnecessary. Potentially misleading marketing can confuse parents due to the age of introduction on FUF labels that may suggest replacement of breastmilk with these products. The “industrialized” product is completely unsatisfactory for health when weaning to indigenous foods has historically been the way children progress. NHF, along with others at Codex, has been the guardian of the health of those who cannot speak for themselves.

NHF President and General Counsel, Scott C. Tips is a veteran. In 2009, it was Scott who kicked the clod of dirt that became an avalanche and stopped a melamine exemption in dry infant formula from advancing after the production and sale of melamine-adulterated milk that killed at least six children, made almost 300,000 sick, and hospitalized more than 54,000 infants with kidney problems in 2008. In our view, the safety of thousands of babies had been sacrificed for monetary gain through the sale of dangerous product. NHF fought melamine’s continued use as a lining material where it could still leach into infant formula without limit.

Although we do our best for children at Codex, many country and Independent Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO) delegates, including NHF, noted that science at Codex is lacking to create a defensibly good product. Chairwoman Dr. Pia Noble herself failed again. “It’s not our task to determine the latest scientific position, it’s our task to see how to deal with it,” she said, referring to precarious products already on the market. This ludicrous statement was made in light of the majority of delegations’ agreement to “seek scientific advice to speed up our work.” We are regulating FUF ingredients without enough science on board to create efficacious labels or to insure health for the infants consuming FUF. It is astonishing. It is wrong. Post-facto regulation of a deleterious product needs to be accomplished quickly yet Dr. Noble was even challenging DHA’s continued use in formulas as “necessary.” Anyone with nutritional knowledge is aware that DHA is an essential fatty acid and must be provided exogenously as our body does not make it. These are just some of the inane frustrations NHF endures trying to protect children internationally. And this is before the investment advisors, pediatricians, and governments join in.
The same science claimed to be lacking for global delegates to make confident decisions on FUF is easily found; http://www.greenmedinfo.com alone has literally hundreds of current research articles available for professionals and laymen alike. Yet Codex insists on using its own Recognized Authoritative Scientific Bodies (RASBs). This is the place to begin a serious assault on the Deep State because alternatives with true integrity (and even some – but fortunately not all – organic infant formulas lack integrity ) must overtake the infant-formula and FUF market if we are to protect children.

At this year’s meeting many crucial decisions were put off until the next (38th) session of CCNFSDU. Another year of inadequate DHA, of GMO being allowed in U.S. markets where the FDA has deemed them and rBST safe for infant formula, and inadequate nutrients (and available science per Codex) compounding the problems facing our children. With an accelerated vaccine schedule, increasing chemicals, additives, and toxins in food and the environment, our children deserve to have clean, nutritious food to offset these assaults at least in part.


For infants, lack of breastfeeding is associated with an increased incidence of infectious morbidity, including otitis media, gastroenteritis, and pneumonia, as well as elevated risks of childhood obesity, Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes, leukemia, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Among premature infants, not receiving breast milk is associated with an increased risk of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Formula provides an unspoken “kickback” – increased business – to the pediatricians who recommend formula. UNICEF itself cites a Lancet 2013 study, “Optimal breastfeeding of infants under two years of age has the greatest potential impact on child survival of all preventive interventions, with the potential to prevent over 800,000 deaths (13 per cent of all deaths) in children under five in the developing world.” (emphasis added)

Don’t overlook the deleterious impact on mothers who choose against or are unable to breast feed as well. “For mothers, failure to breastfeed is associated with an increased incidence of premenopausal breast cancer, ovarian cancer, retained gestational weight gain, type 2 diabetes, myocardial infarction, and the metabolic syndrome.” This is just a partial list.

Deep State Delusion

Besides being “a combination of government and private businesses, working arm in arm to take advantage of the public,” the Deep State is defined as a “government within the government” directing the whole, an alternative network of power running the country regardless of who is in the White House, with the Deep State serving insiders at the expense of the public. Additionally, the December Bill Bonner Letter describes it as “permanent government run as a collusion between the elite of corporate America and the national security industry … the ‘military industrial complex’ that General Eisenhower said ‘we must guard against,’ in his farewell address of 1961.”

Blatantly underscoring the suspect relationship, Stansberry notes that “[t]he government won’t let anyone compete with these guys {Mead Johnson}. And according to the consulting firm UBIC Consulting, government programs, like food stamps, support one-third of the U.S. formula market. And with the number of food-stamp recipients skyrocketing, this trend is bound to continue. Essentially, Uncle Sam is fending off potential competitors with one hand and cutting Mead Johnson a check with the other.” It is clear: bottle-fed children are a market like pork bellies and cotton. In China, the one-child ban was just lifted over concerns about the lack of enough young workers to support for the graying population. Thirty-six years of compulsory abortion, sex-screening, infanticide, and harassment just ended. The formula market shot up instantly.

Undermining breastfeeding services future markets. The Deep State’s negative feedback-loop goes directly to pediatricians, manufacturers, and investors while undermining the health of consumers. But it may get worse. A 2010 study in Nature by Cleveland immunologist Dr. Vincent Tuohy of the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute claims that a single vaccination with the antigen alpha-lactalbumin prevented breast-cancer tumors from forming in mice. The downside: destruction of a protein allowing the woman to breastfeed. Preying on breast-cancer fears, authorities drive parents into making poor health choices. Parents need to rely on their own due diligence instead. Breastfeeding provides a 50% reduction in breast cancer and provides the child protection against cancer as well as infections, obesity, diabetes, allergies, and more. The Mediterranean Diet shows similar statistics. Health isn’t found in a needle.

Know Your Enemy

Fight Deep State activity by empowering women to breastfeed, make it user-friendly in the workforce, acceptable in any setting. Educated breastfeeding is the most cost-effective and best way to foster health. There are great resources available such as UNICEF and the La Leche League, the latter of which I used when breastfeeding three children; one to nearly two years of age. In terms of investments, this was the best I have ever made. My children never had formula. We were not victim to the diseases listed as possibilities for non-breastfed children and mothers. It is possible to work and breastfeed. We can protect the children of the World against ignorant decisions based on blind trust, prostituted to a market made at the expense their health and development by the simple act of encouraging and supporting breastfeeding.

When we are willing to stop enabling the Deep State and those who abuse us by cutting off their source, when we are willing to forego hefty investing profits if it means pimping our children out on a lucrative global market, and when we realize that the last terrain to conquer is the sanctity and integrity of the human being and choose instead to fight, we will take back ground and win. 2015 was the year of the consumer. You have far more power than you have ever imagined to move a market by creating and supporting healthy ones.

Action Steps:

• Encourage and support educated breastfeeding with family, friends, and in the workplace.
• Business owners: create space for on-the-job-breastfeeding and/or pumping.
• Provide breast pumps if the lack means stopping nursing prematurely.
• Provide organic formulas of high integrity if parents must supplement or stop breastfeeding.
• Give toward NHF’s work on behalf of children, mothers, and parents at http://www.thenhf.com.
• Do not offer children and mothers up for harvesting by Deep-State market-makers, investors, or the medical community, who actively or inadvertently support anti-health regimens, practices, and products.
• It’s never too late to change. Don’t berate yourself for choices that were not the best as parents, consumers, business-providers, and investors. Make healthy choices!

© 2015 Katherine A. Carroll
This article first appeared in GreenMedInfo and Health Freedom News.

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Alien Species…A Brave World

By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP, Associate Editor

© 2016 Katherine A. Carroll

Chimera Pig

A chimera is a living being composed of cells mixed together from two different organisms, either from the same or different species. Scientific research currently uses chimeras in the form of humanized mice to study inflammatory disease, cancer, infectious disease, and hematopoiesis. By adding thymus and liver cells from an aborted human fetus to a living mouse, its immune system is transformed facilitating research studies. Humans and animals have mixed throughout the Ages in various ways; so, beyond an initial repulsion, what makes a chimera, a human-animal melding, so morally controversial, so potentially threatening to life on Earth?

The mythical Greek chimera is a fire-breathing union of human and animal. Traversing millennia, it now thrives in U.S, UK, and other research labs growing tissue that may end up as liver, kidney, heart, or other transplanted organs. Despite ocular, neurodegenerative, and other applications, fiery controversy attends this mixing of human-animal stem cells or genes.

Based on stem-cell biology and gene-editing technology, scientists can alter the DNA in sheep or pig embryos to circumvent tissue development in favor of the organ they wish to grow.  When human stem cells are introduced into the animal, it is hoped that the human cells will assume formation of the missing organ, thus creating a human liver, kidney, heart, etc., which would then be harvested from the animal for use in a transplant operation. Currently, however, scientists merely gather preliminary information observing cell growth and cell fate, about how great the contribution of human cells is to the animals’ bodies, and then they destroy research samples in 28 days. A pig is born in 114 days by contrast.

These are potentially exciting medical advances, particularly if you are on the receiving end. Chimera researchers and scientists began inserting human cells into early sheep and pig embryos in 2014. MIT Technology Review states that 20 pregnancies of pig-human or sheep-human chimeras have been established during the last twelve months in the U.S. [1]  Another three dozen pig transfers have taken place outside the U.S. Yet, biological humanization balances tenuously against the risk of moral humanization; the great fear being creation of a novel sentient being with human qualities.

Thinking Pigs and Standing Sheep

Stanford University stem-cell biologist Hiromitsu Nakauchi experiments with human-sheep chimeras. Offering a disturbing analysis of potential outcomes, Nakauchi noted current contributions by human cells to the animals’ bodies appear to be relatively small. “If the extent of human cells is 0.5 percent, it’s very unlikely to get thinking pigs or standing sheep,” he says. “But if it’s large, like 40 percent, then we’d have to do something about that.[2] (emphasis added)

With 123,000 people on waiting lists for transplant organs and growing daily,[3] the market is poised for a solution. Besides, discoveries may yield other uses and other markets to exploit; this is big business and the free market in action. “Desperately ill people on organ waiting lists might someday order a chimera and wait less than a year for their own custom organ to be ready. I really don’t see much risk to society,” Nakauchi says.

Michio Kaku notes, “Since we are drowning in an ocean of information, the most precious commodity in modern society is wisdom.” This is never truer than for health-freedom fighters today. We need an expanded definition of health freedom as prior delineations are obsolete in the face of novel life forms. In a recent interview, Stephen Hawking admits further progress in science and technology will create “new ways things can go wrong.” “We are not going to stop making progress, or reverse it, so we have to recognize the dangers and control them. I’m an optimist, and I believe we can.”[4]

But there are scientific and social implications to be considered; namely the humanization of animals. Chimerism concerns encompass crossing inviolable species borders.[5] These are real concerns leading to real questions; particularly if brought to term, do we put this new creation in a zoo or allow it to live among us? Maybe our days of being human and being animal are numbered, the distinction forever blurred.

Stem-cell research was held up during the last Bush Administration due to fears it would encourage increased abortion rates. Criticism abounds, primed by that action, that the “religious right” which now includes Muslims due to the use of pigs in chimera research, will delay progress. Science unchecked against the moorings of ethics, human dignity, and sanctity is unwise particularly in the face of the sheer magnitude of unknown variables versus known benefits.

Playing With The Fire-breathing Chimera

The “retaining human dignity” argument is flawed, according to Ethics Committee publications. The human is not diminished by an animal becoming more human. This only holds true as long as research guidelines regarding in-vitro chimera studies not be allowed to develop more than the standard 28 days; after that looms the great unknown, namely animals starting to possess human characteristics and features. Others suggest that such characteristics as linguistic capacity, rationality, and a capacity for sufficiently social relationships are inherent only in human relationships.  Animal sciences such as ethology, primatology, animal psychology, and behavioral ecology suggest otherwise.[6]

Pablo Ross, a veterinarian and developmental biologist at the University of California, Davis, advises, “We don’t want to grow them to stages we don’t need to, since that would be more controversial. … My view is that the contribution of human cells is going to be minimal, maybe 3 percent, maybe 5 percent. But what if they contributed to 100 percent of the brain? What if the embryo that develops is mostly human? It’s something that we don’t expect, but no one has done this experiment, so we can’t rule it out.”[7] (emphasis added) Embryo complementation is a concern because the human cells can multiply, specialize, and potentially contribute at will to any part of the developing animal’s body. Coalescing of animal and human cells with the resulting blurred species distinction is one concern.

Despite the fact that these observational experiments are destroyed after 28 days, it is a grave concern they will not be. France reported a jelly-fish/sheep mix ending up in the food supply.[8] There are religious, ethical, and practical concerns, such as cross-species diseases creating plagues to which humans will have no natural immunity.

Humanized mice

In the “smart mouse” model,[9] researcher Steve Goldman cites, “Within a year, the mouse glial cells had been completely usurped by the human interlopers. The 300,000 human cells each mouse received multiplied until they numbered 12 million, displacing the native cells. We could see the human cells taking over the whole space.” Goldman continues, “It seemed like the mouse counterparts were fleeing to the margins.” Otherwise said, the mice became measurably smarter. The team stopped short of putting human cells into monkeys and great apes due to ethical concerns. Wolfgang Enard of Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich in Germany, who has shown that mice are better at learning if they have the human Foxp2 gene, which has been linked with human language development noted, “If you make animals more human-like, where do you stop?”

The 1997 book and its 2007 film adaptation The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (original French title: Le Scaphandre et le Papillon) is a memoir by journalist Jean-Dominique Bauby. After suffering a massive stroke that left him with “locked-in syndrome” he blinks his way through the alphabet with the help of a friend to write his experiences of being fully cognizant and unable to “get out.” This is the great fear of the results of chimera research, not for humans but for animals, and is one reason why great apes have been excluded as candidates. How would we know? Helen Keller found a way out. In Bauby and Keller we have sufficient reason to pause. A richer discourse is demanded when the ethics of a novel being are involved.

Despite the fact that scientists from other countries such as Japan move to the U.S. in order to conduct chimera research as it is allowed here (and in the UK with more stringent restrictions), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – which controls the Federal expenditures on medically-based research – wisely exercised caution, withdrawing funding until ethical and social considerations could be addressed even though NIH was hit with criticism for a fear-based decision, impeding progress. Hiromitsu Nakauchi himself admits, “What if the embryo that develops is mostly human? It’s something that we don’t expect, but no one has done this experiment, so we can’t rule it out.”

Gen Technik 16

Gen Technik 16


Ethics of Funding Chimera Research

Since the NIH denied funding, other funding sources including California’s State stem-cell agency were sought and came through. The California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, a State agency instituted 10 years ago to bypass political interference from Washington, provided a $6 million grant for Nakauchi’s work.

Government funding in and of itself is a major concern. But when the military gets involved we have to ask “why”? Dr. Daniel Garry, a cardiologist heading a chimera project at the University of Minnesota was awarded a $1.4 million grant from the U.S. Army to attempt growing human hearts in pigs. Dr. Garry was one of 11 who co-authored a letter in November 2015 criticizing the NIH for creating “a threat to progress” that “casts a shadow of negativity” on their work.

Instead, the NIH might be commended for exercising wise caution in regard to uncharted territory and animals that could possess human consciousness. Setting boundaries for ethical research allows research to flourish with constraints respecting both animals and humans. We do not have to fall behind in research when the rest of the World may choose to surge ahead despite these grave concerns. The same type of consideration presents itself with potential increasing amalgamation of robotics and humans.

The worry is that the animals might turn out to be a little too human for comfort, say ending up with human reproductive cells, patches of people hair, or just higher intelligence. “We are not near the island of Dr. Moreau, but science moves fast,” NIH ethicist David Resnik said during the NIH’s November meeting. “The specter of an intelligent mouse stuck in a laboratory somewhere screaming ‘I want to get out’ would be very troubling to people.” [10]

Chimera Tweets

Twitter comments serve as an instant polling of public opinion in response to the MIT article and range from:

  • 3D bio printing technology of organs from the patient’s own non-embryonic stem cells would be the least controversial path.
  • Outrage was expressed over the creation of hybrid embryos.
  • “Science horror,” not science fiction.
  • The use of aborted fetal tissue was clearly a contentious issue.
  • Halal certification and acceptance by Sharia Law another comment as well as Kosher.
  • Donors eagerly anticipate having an organ grown from their own tissue that their body will not reject.
  • The movies The Fly and Planet of the Apes were cited as pertinent to chimeras.
  • Industrial human cloning via fetuses grown inside pig bodies was cautioned against.
  • Chimeras providing the vehicle for animal diseases to mutate into forms that affect humans cited more than once as fear of this technology.
  • One Don from Odessa saying, “This work will be done by someone. Better to have advanced control of its potential, before others put it to some nefarious use.”
  • Some commenters compared it to Hitler’s “scientific research” and some said it was worse; horrific and grotesque.
  • Others noted the “ton of money to be made here.”
  • Having technology and using it juxtaposed against preventing death was mentioned.
  • DaveJG references a vital quote from the body of the article, “We’d have to do something about that.” He adds, “The $64,000 question here is, who exactly is “we?” Science is too important to be left to the scientists. Congress should hold hearings with an eye to setting ethical standards and developing mandatory restrictions.”

The last thing we need is to turn over this vital and crucial decision-making process to government, the pharmaceutical sector, the medical sector, or the Pope.  Research must progress but within the bounds of respect for the life of the human, even the fetus human, and of the animal as there are animal rights issues also at stake, which are addressed to a certain extent but not if a novel life form is created. We need an expanded definition of health freedom as prior delineations, which apply to human-only models and human-only post-embryonic stage, are obsolete in the face of novel life forms. This will be glaringly obvious if and when boundaries of embryo development are ignored. The potential of increasing humanization of animals with emergent human mental and psychological capacities is the risk no one is sure of. Boundaries for research will allow the World to move forward in progress that respect life and prevent life-forms from appearing that could wreak havoc on this Planet with consequences yet unknown but fully imagined in many science-fiction films.

Old British Common Law and Emerging Biotechnology

Richard Maybury, in World War I, The Rest of the Story and How It Affects You Today, expounds on two legal principles making peace, liberty, and civilization possible. These two laws have been the basis of the old British Common Law and are inherent in all main religions. The first forms the basis of contract law: to do what you say you will. The second: to not encroach on humans or their property. The disregard of these laws undermines civilizations and starts wars.

Despite Ethics Committees disregard of the “human dignity” argument, the sanctity of life is sacrificed on the altar of scientific research and the creation of novel life forms potentially wars against these basic foundational legal principles. There is too much risk in contract-law violations for simple trust that the chimera will indeed be destroyed in 28 days. In a theoretically lucrative and competitive climate or one theoretically or actually fueled by the Deep State, the Military-Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Wall Street, greed, and basic human need for innovation more reliable, firmly accountable boundaries need to be set with strict penalties for their disregard.

In 2012, I asked how the health-freedom community would protect against runaway technology in my book review of Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Future. [11]  Kaku cited radical futuristic changes, advancements in technology, robotics, and the amalgamation of species including enhanced humans. In that review, I cited the need for a Constitution for the Race of Mankind, fresh guidance, and intervention in a New World, much the same as our founding fathers like Jefferson saw the need for a new set of standards and guidelines in the New World of his day.

Novel-lifeform creation is comparable in magnitude to the need for international nuclear warfare restraint. If new lifeforms with a strong resemblance to human beings, either emotionally or physically, begin to appear and even populate on Earth, our lives will be forever changed. We are already integrating life with robots but we understand they are artificial and not actual intelligence. They do not have the rights of humans or animals. We are fast sailing into uncharted territory with no safe harbor in sight.

This places a greater responsibility and agreement among nations in regard to chimera development. The tenuous trust and shared vulnerability seems too great to continue without firmer boundaries should these two principles of law be violated, and if history serves, they will be.

A Gizmodo article titled “The U.S. Military Wants A Chip To Translate Your Brain Into Binary Code” shows the trend toward coalescing humans and robotic parts/machines. [12] From chimeras to “genetically modified” children potentiated with designer-gene selection, humans melding with machines beyond the simple hearing aid or prosthetic, chimera/robot melding is a potential as well and emphasizes the immediate need for caution and intervention. Perhaps we need not a Constitution but a Bill of Rights: The Bill of Rights for the Race of Mankind and Animals and not merely the recommendations or proposals Ethics Committees provide, which may or may not be adhered to.

We have crossed the threshold into yet another Brave New World populated by chimeras, cyborgs, enhanced humans, and potential combinations of these. Technology sweeps over us like a tsunami and yet we are making judgments as we go along integrating new research, data, and applications with scarcely time to consider their long-term impact. Together, we must consider carefully in the creation of this New World and speak out with respect for health, health freedom, and the basic laws of civilization as new life forms challenge current models and boundaries. Critical thinking, of which I have written much in the past, must be applied here to prevent any disasters by government or business.

[1] Antonio Regalado, “Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms, A radical new approach to generating human organs is to grow them inside pigs or sheep,” MIT Technology Review, January 6, 2016, at


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[12] Adam Clark Estes, “The US Military Wants a Chip to Translate Your Brain Activity Into Binary Code,” Gizmodo Magazine, January 19, 2016, at http://gizmodo.com/the-us-military-wants-a-chip-to-translate-your-brain-ac-1753876325.

This article first published in Health Freedom News Spring issue 33:4

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NHF Leads in the Future of Health Freedom The Need for Critical Thinking By Katherine A. Carroll, Associate Editor, NTP

RobotMichio Kaku, in Physics of the Future, said, “Science is a double-edged sword; it creates as many problems as it solves, but always on a higher level.” When I reviewed his lengthy book in 2012, I noted, “How can we shape our minds to embrace the constant of change and have the discernment ready to sort the profitable and helpful from the controlling, damaging, and destructive? What is the future of health freedom? How much transparency is too much? If ever there was a need for a Constitution for the Race of Mankind, it is now.” That was three years ago. The time has indeed arrived; the future is now.
The health-freedom community must work quickly in the establishment of a safe structure where the flashflood of new technology can be employed without compromise or at least minimizing the latter.
Common Sense and Critical Thinking:
The Information Age has birthed unrestricted innovation in a free-market environment and increasing free trade. While the World’s first health-freedom organization, National Health Federation (NHF), fully supports sensible conduct of these principles, due diligence is essential when Moore’s Law (really an observation) anticipates that data density will double roughly every 18 months. This sets a brisk learning curve accommodating rapid increases in knowledge coupled with increasing complexity. We must apply self-regulation and self-reliance, honed using critical thinking skills in a proactive way, both to educate and incorporate beneficial change.
The new learning model declares that “to learn something once is outdated thinking.” Floods of new information, upgrades, updates, etc. mean we learn and relearn again and again. Instead of turning to professionals or officials for advice and direction, now an elevated analytical response in a fully participatory vein is demanded lest we are swept away in a tsunami of misplaced techno-trust in man or machine.
I Spy From the Inside
In 2012, I alerted the health-freedom community to privacy compromises inherent in emerging technology . Sober evaluation of the threat requires the development, honing, and conveyance to others of critical thinking skills. Formal education can help but is not an endpoint. Educators typically don’t come from the standpoint of teaching critical thinking skills. Conformity and rigidity, adherence to outmoded ideas, and dogmatic formalism can undermine the inherent benefit of higher education. And while the situation has improved since the 17th Century when Commenius called schools “the slaughterhouse of the mind,” we must remain vigilant if we are to rigorously analyze and assess each technology in turn and its potential side-effects as they relate to privacy, security, and the loss of personal sovereignty. The devil is always in the details and however extraordinary the innovation the law of unintended consequences invariably rules the day.
Specifically, we must become efficient in anticipating problems in privacy, data security, and loss of personal sovereignty before adopting and implementing technology in nanobots, wearables, smart technology, nanopackaging, and comprehensive personnel/personal databases. The question remains as to whether “we” in this context is the collective or the individual. NHF engages with global policy makers at Codex challenging both obvious and extenuating ramifications of their decisions, and to varying effect; but the informed individual, operating in concert with others, can affect market forces and effect positive change among technology providers from the grassroots level. An informed citizenry applying critical thinking analysis is therefore crucial.
In this context, earlier this year via NHF, I sounded the alarm demanding the need for critical thinking where remote-controlled nanobots delivering medications onsite in the bloodstream are concerned. The technology is advancing quickly and the privacy/sovereignty concerns are not keeping pace. With regenerative and nanomedicine, nanobots coursing through the bloodstream, delivering medicines directly to the site or used in anti-aging therapies with propellers powering them, your body has become a gamer’s dreamscape, the players – medical technicians. Your body is their “wonderland.”
The situation becomes more futuristic and even alarming when considering “Transhumanist” advocacy for cyborgization (human and machine combination), genetic engineering, and synthetic biology, to increase our intelligence, health, and lives so as to transform humanity to a “post-human” stage. This vision holds man transcending the limitations of mere humanity, in this “post-human” World, and not merely the potentiated man by combining with machines.
These are all issues that need further exploration by medical ethicists and the informed citizenry as formerly-fanciful science fiction approaches science fact. To reiterate, the future threshold has been traversed. The demand is for common sense coalesced with critical thinking skills and the ability to adapt to accelerated change in an increasingly complex environment.

The Techno-Tsunami in “Geek Speak”

When you read the words “techno-tsunami in geek-speak” you realize how fast our world is changing – specifically “wearables.” Language expands to match innovation.
“FRAMINGHAM, Mass. June 18, 2015 – The wearables market maintained its upward trajectory in the first quarter of 2015 as new vendors, including Apple, prepared to enter the market. A new forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker estimates that 72.1 million wearable devices will be shipped in 2015, up a strong 173.3% from the 26.4 million units shipped in 2014. Shipment volumes are expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.6% over the five-year forecast period, reaching 155.7 million units shipped in 2019.”
Or consider this quote from an industry executive: “Growth in the smart wearables market points to an emerging battleground among competing platforms,” said Ramon Llamas, research manager, Wearables.
This techno-tsunami with its own “geek-speak” has raced past GMO-laden and other danger-foods entering a raging tech market with cutthroat competition racing for a compatible platform for emerging innovations with the Internet of Things (IoT). To date, machine to machine (M2M) or “smart” communication has dominated the IoT (think electricity smart meters and their poorly assessed high-power RF emissions). Now wearables such as the Apple Watch, Google Glasses, heartrate monitors, activity trackers, and implanted medical devices, fitness bands, smart clothing, etc. are the focal point in our “wired” lifestyle. Wearables provide historical and real-time data, the raw material for in-depth analysis of vital statistics, luring with the siren song promising more knowledge leading to greater health. Add to these wearables, “smart surfaces” wired with sensors that measure data and actors performing a function. This comprises the IoT and ultimately sends information to Big Data, which supports all of the connected constituent devices. Data is analyzed and relayed to the wearer, their family members, medics, or doctor if problems emerge. Identification, security, biometric measurements, and location sensing are the foundations. All part of a profitably-rising sector in an unchecked tech-geyser.
“Wearables in healthcare share many characteristics with the networks of sensors in Internet of Things (IoT) applications. But healthcare adds additional complexities, particularly regarding security. When an individual’s personal health data comes into the mix, more complicated laws, security regulations and privacy concerns start to kick in. However, with this large-scale volume of data, providers must not forget the basics of data management in healthcare. Health data is especially highly sensitive information – both in a legal sense (health information is categorised as ‘sensitive’ under EU data protection law) but also in the sense of everyday consumer trust (people feel that information about their health is private).”
The critical thinker demands to review studies correlating the connection between ill-health and exposure to wireless technology worn on the body. Will the trade-offs be worth the risks? And in the absence of studies from emerging technology, common sense reigns. Or not …. What about security breaches and the posting, even on social media, of one’s private medical records and the sale of the same? This knowledge comes at a high potential price-risk. The choice to be visibly monitored by others is yours; life in a fishbowl or privacy?
In the IoT world, unique identifiers are assigned to people, animals, and objects allowing the ability to transfer data over the network without requiring human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction; sensors, biochip transponders, medical implants such as heart monitors, or anything which could receive an Internet Protocol (IP) address are the “things” in the IoT. This sets the stage for breaches in cyber-security, privacy, and data sovereignty with the potential increase in “smart nodes” and the data generated from them.
Technology is not to be feared but embraced. However the foundation of the tech-innovation deluge does not provide gains without attendant concerns and risks to health and health freedom primarily in the realm of data sovereignty, data security, privacy, and electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. NHF promotes the true free market and individual freedom. Welcoming innovation like wearable tech, we still caution “buyer beware” now more than ever before. Reference the science on exposure to near-continual EMFs and potential or proven health risks. Until the problems admittedly inherent in the IoT and Big Data are solved the tech-embrace must come with research, discretion, and self-protection.
2014: The Year of the Security Breach
2014 is officially “The Year of the Security Breach” Where medical fraud is concerned, it is clearly not possible to rely on security of new-to-market technology and equipment where vulnerabilities may be embedded. Hospitals are infamous for outdated systems and lax security. Cyber- attacks and stolen records are on the rise. Medical records are worth more than credit card numbers on the black market. “[T]he FBI warned healthcare providers to guard against cyber-attacks after one of the largest U.S. hospital operators, Community Health Systems Inc. said Chinese hackers had broken into its computer network and stolen the personal information of 4.5 million patients.”
In May 2015, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management reported that government cyber-vulnerability compromised the data of 22.1 million people. Stolen records of Federal employees and those undergoing background and security checks extended to compromise family and friends as well. “OPM has determined that the types of information in these records include identification details such as Social Security Numbers; residency and educational history; employment history; information about immediate family and other personal and business acquaintances; health, criminal and financial history; and other details. Some records also include findings from interviews conducted by background investigators and fingerprints. Usernames and passwords that background investigation applicants used to fill out their background investigation forms were also stolen.”
The National Health Care (NHS), which provides health care for all UK citizens, reported its own data breaches as well, “Big Brother Watch discovered cases of private data being stolen, accidentally sent by post or fax as well as inappropriate posting on social media. In total, there were 7,255 recorded incidents between April 2011 and April 2014. The organisation said the mistakes were ‘unacceptable.’ Yet the majority of cases resulted in no disciplinary action and were made ‘by mistakes.’”
Whether shared on social media, lost or stolen, shared with a third party, shared by email, letter, or fax, accidentally published online, we should determine in advance of the need the establishment of our own personal privacy boundaries where medical record keeping is concerned, to the extent that that boundary is not established by government fiat for us first.

The Ménage a Trois: IoT, Big Data, and You
Questions need to be answered. We are streaking like a meteor toward an increased pervasive unleashing of intelligence about our daily lives. Information and the convenience of being connected to your environment comes at a high price. There are so many variables to consider with Moore’s Law, increasing complexity, and globalization marking this era. Some places to start:
• Employ the Mediterranean diet to reduce chance by 50% of employing therapy in the first place
• Discipline time-management to include study, research, and exposure to emerging tech in personal IoT devices, healthcare, and personal data collection.
• Increase critical thinking skills to evaluate options – a responsibility for all citizenry
• Keep investing at the global level to shape global politics at Codex through NHF
• Craft a “Bill of Rights” or a “Constitution for the Race of Mankind” for AI and the IoT.

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BOOK REVIEW By Katherine A. Carroll, Associate Editor, NTP Physics of the Future, How Science Will Shape Human Destiny And Our Daily Lives By The Year 2100 by Machio Kaku


By Katherine A. Carroll, Associate Editor, NTP

Physics of the Future, How Science Will Shape Human Destiny And Our Daily Lives By The Year 2100 by Machio Kaku (ISBN 978-0-307-47333-2; Anchor Books, 2011; http://www.anchorbooks.com, paperback, 450 pages; $15.95)

In the Biblical account of creation, Eve was seduced by her desire for knowledge and power and lost Paradise because of it. The future holds spectacular advances and we are living in the most exciting time in history. Learning from the past will afford wisdom to exercise caution when embracing the thrilling advances the future holds because the price tag is very often a loss of privacy, control and forfeiting more health freedom. What are some of these alluring possibilities?
Can you imagine the implications of health freedom in light of having internal robots cleaning your bloodstream, performing surgeries, zapping cancer cells or delivering medications directly to the target site while being driven in a nanocar controlled remotely by a technician? Or selecting the genes you want in your child or enhancing your own to make yourself smarter or bionic in strength- even merging with robots to use their technology and mechanics inside our bodies? . Cochlear implants and artificial retinas are here; this technology is in use now. There are so many issues to decide, many which invade privacy while delivering greater information and scope of services…We have some major decisions to make as a race in the present- the future is now. Taking a proactive approach to sensitive considerations will ensure the preservation of all you hold dear now.
We have already traversed the brink of privacy invasion in the implementation of systems like the Epic Medical Record keeping and Smart Meter installations. How far are we willing to go to have knowledge of our body’s inner workings? How much internal invasion will we tolerate in order to gain bio-data, perform surgeries, or deliver medications without using the skin as a portal of entry? Will it be worth the scientific advances to have all this data instantly uploaded – even our clothing uploading all our statistics as we dress in the morning? Suddenly, although clothed, we are naked and there is nothing except our thoughts that remain hidden- so far anyway.
Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku is a distinctly unique book described by the Wall Street Journal as, “A fascinating wide-ranging tour of what to expect from technological progress over the next century.” While much of Machio Kaku’s writing encompasses topics outside the realm of health freedom, embracing his well-researched vision that is unfolding today in labs all across the World, requires an expanded definition of what health freedom is and how to protect it and yourself.
Michio Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York; a cofounder of string field theory; the bestselling author of half a dozen widely acclaimed science books and he has his own science TV show as well as hosting two radio programs broadcasting to over 140 radio stations.
Biotechnology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and telecommunications are being transformed by thousands of scientists. Kaku says, “Since we are drowning in an ocean of information, the most precious commodity in modern society is wisdom.” This is never truer than with we who fight to preserve health freedom.
With computer power doubling every 18 months (Moore’s Law) changes rising from research and development within these fields will be implemented at an increasingly fast pace. We will live in a World of mixed reality—both the virtual and the real. The time to think of the implications of implementing these astounding scientific breakthroughs in the context of health freedom is now – and with a great deal of common sense.
Kaku states, “Common sense will be the currency of the future.” We are making the shift from using commodities to build a nation’s foundation. Now countries are transitioning to intellectual capitalism and creating service sectors that will fuel the future largely in science and technology. “In the United States, 50% of the Ph.D. students in physics are foreign born.” Some countries, like Japan, have no natural resources but are prospering through intellectual capitalism.
Robots are proliferating and will take over many jobs; however Kaku speaks in terms of humans using their intellectual capital in work situations and doing what robots and artificial intelligence (AI) cannot do such as pattern recognition and displaying common sense. He also notes that, “In the past people said the pen was mightier than the sword. In the future, it will be the chip that is mightier than the sword.” The economy, not weaponry, is the new criterion for a superpower. He goes on, “In the future, it is clear that a superpower can maintain its status only through economic might (versus weaponry as in the past), and that in turns stems from science and technology.” He later says that prosperity flows from science and technology.
“All the technological revolutions described here are leading to a single point: the creation of a planetary civilization. This transition is perhaps the greatest in human history.”
As we stand at the precipice of a World where all surfaces are “smart” (embedded with chips) and interactive in an “augmented reality” here are some concepts and ideas to consider, many of which are a current reality and some quite far off into the future. These will bring new fields into existence and create jobs globally. They will also raise ethical and other questions. Kaku admits, “This, however, raises another question – the sensitive question of privacy, which will be one of the great controversies of the future.” UCLA’s Greg Stock says, “Gradually, our agonizing about playing God and our worries about longer life spans would give way to a new chorus, “Where can I get a pill?” Again, the time to think of the long-term implications of future science is now. Everything has its downside and some of these fascinating new therapies will undoubtedly come with side-effects of their own, just as pharmaceuticals do. Integrating therapies with integrity, combined with educated and responsible self-care, is key.
Other issues that will rise are even more crucial, “The holy grail of nanotechnology is to create the molecular assembler, or replicator, but once it is invented it could alter the very foundation of society itself.” When robots have the ability to replicate themselves and outpace our intelligence, we truly have crossed a line where human life as we know it may never be recovered. It is something Kaku deals with extensively and sites that scientists when debating this issue don’t say if, but when this momentous event will happen.
When we become ‘part robot’ by altering our genes or accepting bionic implants we approach this concept. Rodney Brooks says, “Fifty years from now we can expect to see radical alterations of human bodies through genetic modification.” He is talking about merging with robots adding electronic enhancements, “the human menagerie will expand in ways unimaginable to us today…We will no longer find ourselves confined to Darwinian evolution.”
Here are some of the lesser issues, but still weighty issues nonetheless that will require careful forethought about the implications of their acceptance and adoption:
• All surfaces will have intelligence, be ‘smart’ and we will be able to talk to them. Our daily world will be full of chips and nanotechnology. “By 2050 most of the fruits of nanotechnology will be everywhere but hidden from view.”

“Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital have created their own custom made biochip that is 100 times more powerful than anything on the market today. It is sensitive enough to find one in a billion circulating tumor cells in as little as a teaspoon of blood.”

To get an idea of the power of one chip, the one that powers the birthday card for instance to sing “Happy Birthday”, remarkably that chip has more computer power than all of Allied forces of 1945. Today your cell phone has more computer power than all of NASA back in 1969 when it placed two astronauts on the moon.
• We will wear contact lenses that give full-time access to the internet and 3-D imagery when needed. Babak A. Parviz at the University of Washington in Seattle is laying the groundwork for an internet contact lens. There are so many applications from the battlefield to vacationing to downloading songs or identifying strangers and knowing their backgrounds, but one immediate application is helping diabetics monitor blood glucose levels by displaying an immediate readout of conditions within their body.
• Our clothing will be ‘smart’ and able to call for an ambulance in the event of an emergency, provide GPS coordinates, and upload medical history. “When you get dressed you go online.”
• In true Star Trek form, we will have access to personal MRI scanners. By virtue of all spaces being equipped with wall screen computers, our internal organs – projected in 3-D imagery – will appear on the screen which is programmed to interact as a doctor, accessing and diagnosing.
• Bathrooms will be equipped with DNA sensors for early detection of cancer and emerging health challenges. “While washing your face, hundreds of hidden DNA and protein sensors in the mirror, toilet, and sink silently spring into action, analyzing the molecules you emit in your breath and bodily fluids, checking for the slightest hint of any disease at the molecular level.”
• Nanotechnology applied to medicine will allow us to grow new organs as they wear out or become diseased via tissue engineering and stem cells and even to reverse aging. There will be cocktails of proteins and enzymes designed to increase cellular repair, reset the biological clock, regulate metabolism and reduce oxidation. “In five or six years or seven years, there will be drugs that prolong longevity,” says resveratrol researcher Christoph Westphal who has products currently in clinical trial.
• Our bodies will become our identification vs. plastic cards. Laser scans of our iris, accompanied by facial recognition, will be the new identification.
• Swarm bots will be common, flying in unison to the scene of disasters doing reconnaissance and surveillance and carrying back information and exchanging it with each other. “Commercial ventures have already been set up to market these tiny sensors, some no larger than the head of a pin.”
• “Imagine a future where surgery is completely replaced by molecular machines moving through the bloodstream, guided by magnets, homing in on a diseased organ and then releasing medicines or performing surgery.
• In the future, nanotechnology will detect cancer colonies years before they can form a tumor. The basic science is being done today. “Researchers at Rice University created a remote-controlled drone that can be steered and piloted…One future goal of this research is to design a molecular car that can push a tiny robot around the bloodstream, zapping cancer cells along the way or delivering lifesaving drugs to precise locations in the body.”
• Robotic surgeons, cooks and caretakers: the Da Vinci Robot has already performed over 48,000 surgeries in 2006 alone in over 800 hospitals in Europe, North and South America. Some European nations find themselves short on children to the extent that robots are being created to perform caretaking tasks for the elderly formerly delegated to family members.
• By the end of the century our zoos may be populated with animals extinct for thousands of years. Resurrecting extinct animals or even the Neanderthal “will raise ethical worries”. Klein of Stanford says, “Are you going to put them in Harvard or the zoo?” The idea of resurrecting an extinct animal may now be biologically possible. Webb Miller and Stephan C. Schuster of Pennsylvania State University have extracted 3 billion base pairs of DNA from the frozen carcasses of the woolly mammoths. “A year ago, I would have said that this is science fiction.” But now with so much of the mammoth genome sequenced, resurrecting them is no longer out of the question.
• Human cloning has not yet been done but in principle it is completely possible. Regrowth of human limbs is underway, “The U.S. Army has made it a priority to find a way to grow back limbs.” Stephen Badylak of the University of Pittsburgh has successfully regrown fingertips.
• “Eventually everyone will have his or her personalized genome available on CD-ROM. It will list all your approximately 25,000 genes; it will be your “owner’s manual.” This is transparency at its finest. James Watson, Nobel Laureate said, “No one has the guts to say it, but if we could make better human beings by knowing how to add genes, why shouldn’t we?”
• Parents, children, sports teams, etc. will have their own geneticist to enhance, strengthen or add longevity to gene expression. “The real danger will come not so much from consumer demand but from dictatorial governments that may want to use genetic engineering for their own purposes, such as breeding stronger but more obedient soldiers.”
• Biotechnology will make it possible to introduce to the World grains such as ‘super-rice’ that are specifically engineered to thrive in a hostile, dry environment and barren environments.

“Science is a double-edged sword; it creates as many problems as it solves, but always on a higher level.” How can we shape our minds to embrace the constant of change and have the discernment ready to sort the profitable and helpful from the controlling, damaging and destructive? What will health freedom look like in the future? How much transparency is too much? Where do we let God be God/Nature determine, etc. and where do we intervene? If ever there was a need for a Constitution for the Race of Mankind, it is now.

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22nd Session CCRVDF: National Health Federation’s Comments

Agenda Item 6 RVDF/22 CRD/30

Twenty-second Session
San José, Costa Rica, 27 April – 1 May 2015


General Comments by the National Health Federation (NHF) on Antibiotic Use in Animals

The National Health Federation respectfully submits its observations about the general and widespread use of antibiotics in food production, and animal ranching practices in particular, as well as their potential replacement by prebiotics and probiotics:

1. Setting maximum upper levels is a moot point and should be avoided when these veterinary drug residues have been determined carcinogenic and unsafe. See, for example, the JECFA assessment that “there is no safe level of residues of gentian violet or its metabolites that represents an acceptable risk to consumers” as they are carcinogenic and genotoxic. See also the Comments of Egypt at CRD 16.

2. Antibiotic resistance is a vital concern in animals and humans, and has led to the creation of super bacteria. “Last fall, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that antibiotic resistance was responsible for 14,000 U.S. deaths every year and rising, and said there was a very real chance antibiotics could lose all effectiveness if doctors didn’t stop overprescribing them to patients and farmers didn’t cut back on feeding them to livestock for growth enhancement. This Summer, CDC Director Thomas Frieden warned that drug-resistant bacteria could bring about ‘the next pandemic.’”i In the case of aureomycin, it is excreted in the pig’s feces and then spread on fields as fertilizer, harming humans, animals and the soil. These are a matters that should present huge concerns for this Committee.

3. Now long-lived bacterial DNA (drug resistant super bacteria) are aerosolized – airborne, capable of spreading far and fast, as recently confirmed by researchers from Texas Tech University when examining dust that originates in the cattle farms of the Texas panhandle. The levels found downwind were 4000% higher than those upwind. This unwanted spreading should be of great concern to CCRVDF.

4. The rise of antibiotic-resistant infections in U.S. hospitals can be traced directly to modern farming practices. “Modern practice of feeding antibiotics to pigs and other livestock—not to cure illness but to increase their growth rate and squeeze them into increasingly crowded conditions—was born ….”ii Some hospitals have stopped serving meat in order to ensure that their antibiotics work as they prescribe. “Aureomycin had the potential to be a wonder drug on the scale of penicillin; in hospital tests, it proved effective at fighting everything from whooping cough to typhus. But doctors found it was especially good against amoebic dysentery and other intestinal infections. And it had an interesting side effect: The patients put on weight.”iii This led to the widespread practice of using antibiotics as growth promoters. Please see NHF’s point 9 below, where scientific studies have documented viable alternatives to this detrimental practice.
5. Alternative therapies to control scabies, lice, parasites, and infections, and the like must be developed and employed. “Take, for example, the class of feed additives known as ionophores. These are a special category of antibiotics that can be used in both the cow-calf and feedlot sectors. There are three products currently registered for use in Canada. These include lasalocid sodium, monensin sodium and salinomycin sodium. Originally marketed for control of coccidiosis in poultry, these products were found to have similar biological activity in beef cattle. Coccidiosis is a protozoa infection of the lower gut, typically seen in young animals, particularly those that are under stress (i.e. weaning, shipping and mixing).”iv

RVDF22/CRD30 2

i Ted Genoways, “This Little Piggy Bred a Superbug,” Onearth, October 14, 2015, at http://archive.onearth.org/articles/2014/10/spam-and-superbugs-how-breeding-fatter-hogs-created-a-modern-human-health-crisis?__scoop_post=10c0f7c0-ec53-11e4-bb32-90b11c3d2b20&__scoop_topic=4143020#__scoop_post=10c0f7c0-ec53-11e4-bb32-90b11c3d2b20&__scoop_topic=4143020.
ii Ibid.
iii Ibid.
iv John Mckinnon, “The role of Technology in the efficient production of wholesome beef,” Canadian Cattlemen, Jan 30, 2015, at http://www.canadiancattlemen.ca/2015/01/30/the-role-of-technology-in-the-efficient-production-of-wholesome-beef-2/#__scoop_post=65db1ba0-ec4e-11e4-e454-90b11c3ead14&__scoop_topic=4143020
v Ibid.
vi Ibid.
vii S.M. Kabir, “The Role of Probiotics in the Poultry Industry,” Int J Mol Sci. 2009 Aug; 10(8): 3531–3546. Published online 2009 Aug 12. doi: 10.3390/ijms10083531.
viii Bozkurt M et al., “Efficacy of in-feed preparations of an anticoccidial, multienzyme, prebiotic, probiotic, and herbal essential oil mixture in healthy and Eimeria spp.-infected broilers,” Poultry Science 2014 Feb;93(2):389-99. Doi: 10.3382/ps.2013-03368.

6. Alternative methods need to be employed to create food efficiency and weight gain in the place of dangerous and unhealthy steroids and antibiotics. “Feeding an ionophore such as monensin promotes the growth of gram negative and hinders the growth of gram positive bacteria. The result is a shift in the rumen microbial population and a more desirable rumen fermentation pattern, particularly in terms of feed-energy capture. The result is less feed for the same gain and, as a result, improved feed efficiency.”v So, we need to provide alternatives, apart from antibiotics, to promote growth of gram negative bacteria that will promote better health and feed efficiency and lower methane gas production in cattle.

7. It is estimated that 80% of the antibiotics in America are used on livestock. Much is used to treat disease brought on by industrial feedlot conditions, but it is also used as a growth agent. “Control of coccidiosis is only one of the many benefits that ionophores provide to beef cattle operations. They are also registered at inclusion levels that may or may not be the same as for coccidiosis control for improvement of weight gain and/or feed efficiency. Cattle fed ionophores typically eat less feed while gaining the same or slightly better than non-ionophore-fed counterparts. It is not uncommon to see feed efficiency improve by five to 10 per cent when these products are fed at approved levels.”vi

8. The use of probiotics in animal feed and health is not a new concept. In one study, it was shown that probiotic species belonging to Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Bacillus, Bifidobacterium, Enterococcus, Aspergillus, Candida, and Saccharomyces have a beneficial effect on broiler performance, modulation of intestinal microflora and pathogen inhibition, intestinal histological changes, immunomodulation, certain haemato-biochemical parameters, improving sensory characteristics of dressed broiler meat, and promoting microbiological meat quality of broilers.vii

9. In another study, multi-enzyme, prebiotics, probiotics, and even essential oils lessen depression in growth in coccidial challenges in broilers proving that sub-therapeutically efficacious supplements (except essential oils) provided successful alternatives to antibiotics.viii

Alternatives, such as prebiotics and probiotics, are the most logical animal feed aids for greater animal (and thus human) health, addressing each of the issues that antibiotics currently have failed to solve. There exists a large available body of science (largely on PubMed) proposing a true solution, versus simply further regulating a failed model. This Committee would be well served to look beyond the failing and already failed paradigm of antibiotic overuse for feedlot and food-production problems. Shifting to prebiotic and probiotic use would lead to greater consumer protection (and animal health), accomplishing a notable Codex goal.

Intervention made by NHF President and General Counsel, Scott C. Tips:

[Comments made by the National Health Federation on
Agenda Item 4 (Monday, April 27, 2015)]

“The Observer delegation of NHF supported those delegations
wanting to keep the MRLs for rbST at Step 8 and further
noted that the JECFA review of rbST was incomplete in that
it had failed to consider the industry’s own data showing
a marked increase in mastitis after rbST injection, which in
turn led to increased antibiotic use to avoid pus and
bacteria in milk.”

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Interview by Freshnlean Katherine A. Carroll, April 2015


We have had the pleasure of interviewing Kat Carroll. She is the Associate Editor of the National Health Federation’s magazine,Health Freedom News, Associate Editor of the NHF e-newsletter, and is on the Board of Directors of the National Health Federation Canada and the Advisory Board for GreenMedInfo. Kat won the award for the 2014 National Health Federation Health Freedom Hero.


1. Can you give a brief introduction about yourself and a background on how and why you became a Global Food Activist?

Pregnancy and the desire to handle the trust of another’s life within me spurred me toward what would become my life’s work. But really it began from my own gestation. Like many, I was not afforded a good start in life nutritionally and was actually not only compromised but in great danger before I even ventured into the World that I would later come to serve in the arena of health.

Additionally, I was reared in the home of a crop-dusting pilot and endured much chemical and pesticide exposure, both legal and contraband, along with filterless cigarettes smoked for years in our home and a closed car, and a typical “standard American diet.” Like each of us, my parents did the best they could at the time. We are all on a path of growth and change—well hopefully all of us!

But this hard start instilled in me the desire to champion those who cannot speak for themselves. It gave me an overwhelming commitment to taking exceedingly great care with lives under my care, inside the womb and out. All of life is evolution and when I look back there are millions of things I’d do differently now; it will most likely always be so as I grow.

My personal experience and my desire however, began a journey from which now billions of the World’s people benefit….all due to a seemingly “chance” encounter first with my first health mentor (apart from reading a book on health) who took my self-education to a higher level and later when the President of the National Health Federation, Scott Tips,  afforded me a vehicle to take my commitment to the World. Thanks to these mentors and more, I learned firsthand the power of one person to totally change a life. Nothing is by chance, but the teacher appears when the student is ready. Mine certainly did.

During the childbearing time in my life in my 20s, being largely self-taught, I devoured books on nutrition and researched home-birth. Did you know that most of the Presidents of the U.S. were home-birthed?  Committed then to health and a good diet, I naturally-birthed three super-healthy children between 9 and 10 pounds, delivered one home-birth, and did so without using so much as an aspirin during pregnancy much less childbirth drugs. My children’s  APGAR scores, designed to evaluate their physical condition, were all excellent and they entered the World fully present, alert and alive with vigor and not in a drug-induced stupor. They breastfed without issue and for years in some cases.

I quickly learned the limitations and illogical thought process of  mainstream medicine and progressed toward my current path of health and health freedom as my children grew. Their health issues, like ear infections, challenged me to find a better way than what was and still is offered. The path became a journey with continuing commitment and evolving integration of what would work for health and healing.  Learning to trust myself to solve my health concerns as well as my children’s rather than turning them over to a doctor or health care practitioner (unless I wished to partner with them) to work on an issue was key in the process. And finally asking the Great Physician to be my doctor, giving me wisdom and teaching me, guiding me toward therapies, education, and practitioners was the real breakthrough in my 30s when doctors wanted to remove all my female organs and medicate me for  pain and depression because of painful and heavy menstruation. I still possess everything- even my tonsils so cutting out parts to solve problems just seemed nonsensical. I have a firm “just say no to drug” policy and always have.

Again, the power of one person to change a life came into play. Dick Nunez, head trainer at the largest health club in Olympia, Washington, teaching diet and exercise, and personally a vegan and heavy weight lifter with an incredible physique despite what we have been led to believe about musculature changed my life. He told me, after sharing my desire to keep my organs, that if I did what he said, I would find healing. I followed his instructions to the letter without deviation. I became a vegan overnight “cold-turkey” and also gave up soda drinks, alcohol, coffee, and sugar. Everyone said this kind of approach was too severe and wouldn’t last. Not only did it last, but I began heavy weight lifting doing a 15 minute “one set to failure” workout three times a week and aerobics for 50 minutes 5 days a week. And in my early 30s I had transformed my health and my body so much I was asked to compete in Olympia Naturals: a steroid-free body building competition. the doctors offered me drugs and lost body parts. Dick offered me a great body and a healthy life. Which would you choose?  The doctors never offered me anything that would take me where my life needed to go.

When most mothers are settling in to “middle aged” spread, Dick’s training gave me the body of my dreams. My health, while not perfect yet, was improving and I have all my body parts to this day which is actually rather rare… I began teaching with him and became a trainer myself later opening my own business and learning and growing all the way along this life-giving new path. Not only was my body and health improving but my spiritual life rose dramatically with the addition of so much light-energy foods – real plant-based foods – in my life. My prayers seemed to be answered nearly instantly and my wisdom increased. I can’t really explain why but it was so. We are a complex and cannot divvy out one part from the next.

Being a seminar and self-education junkie, alongside my husband Dr. Donn Carroll, I’ve enjoyed a fantastic education for decades  specializing in general and ocular nutrition. In 2004 I received my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and opened up a full nutritional dispensary in our Optometry clinics starting a private practice consulting optometry patients, specializing in ocular disease, and working with the health issues of the general public in natural ways.

This led, when my children were grown and on their own, to moving closer to the clinic and opening Adytum Sanctuary (www.adytumsanctuary.com), then a bed and breakfast with a health-centered focus, to the public in 2010. While I envisioned Adytum being a healing retreat, it began as a place to “reconnect with all that really matters in life…” and now with the addition of two Far Infrared Saunas and my certification in First Line Therapy, it is embracing its roots being used frequently for detox or by those who are seriously ill. This all exists harmoniously alongside the romance, weddings, and celebrations it’s been host to for the past five years.

Adytum Sanctuary

The World of health-freedom activism found me there at Adytum in August of 2011. The President and General Counsel of the National Health Federation (www.thenhf.com), Scott C. Tips, came to Adytum as a guest. He gave me several magazines published by the NHF which he edited and which I have since come to write for and work as Associate Editor for: Health Freedom News. I had lost my cleaning staff to pregnancy that year and had no help. But I took time to read the magazine that would change my life.

Not only did this fortuitous encounter provide entrance into the World of health-freedom activism and define me as a published writer outside the realm of NHF, but it gave me an outlet to express what has emerged as an enormous, driving passion in my life. This passion of mine is the protection and care of the integrity of our body/mind/spirit complex and to protect those unable to speak for themselves. At the time, President Scott Tips said the NHF work would give me a “window to the World” but in reality it gave me the World to work in protecting its very foundations by ensuring safe, clean, and healthy food was provided and that nutritional supplements remained accessible that possess therapeutic values.

Scott Tips had written an article on a dangerous veterinary steroid called Ractopamine in the Health Freedom News magazine. After reading about this food-production-animal-use-only steroid lurking in our food supply I was furious. Once again, the power of one person to change a life cannot be underestimated; and that one life going on to impact billions of other lives. I entered into a miracle and my true path as a Global food activist; the National Health Federation and came under the mentorship of Scott Tips into Codex Alimentarius, the vehicle to Global Activism.

When Scott Tips’ timely article introduced me to the abuse to food-production animals –shaking, vomiting, “downer” pigs and cattle having their hooves fall off, barely able to walk as they were in great pain I was absolutely livid. I emerged from one of Adytum’s far infrared saunas from reading his article asking to be signed up to volunteer with NHF on the spot. I volunteered for 22 months while working two other consuming full-time jobs: Adytum Sanctuary and our optometry clinic administration. It meant that much….

It wasn’t just the animal abuse that moved me into activism; the 20% residual effect of these powerful vet steroids drugs in our body which cause rapid heartbeat and vessel constriction mimicking panic attack and heart attack, all in the guise of trying to provide a meal for one’s family drove me from anger to action. It was as clear then as it is now: international markets are driven by greed. Health, animal husbandry, and  soil management with integrity take a back seat to the bottom line and to opening Global markets for free trade.

Despite the fact I was a vegan and would not be affected by Ractopamine, I was appalled that a small child could be unwittingly consuming multiple servings of a vet steroid daily capable of adding 50 pounds to a huge cow! Bacon at breakfast, a turkey sandwich at lunch, and beef stew for dinner equals three doses of a powerful vet steroid consumed. It accumulates in the body.

My original passion for defending those who cannot speak for themselves remains a driving force. NHF has given me the chance to make a difference. I now attend the Codex Committee for Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses, one of many Codex Committees NHF is active in, and I participate in the international electronic working group for Follow-Up Formula and others- another travesty for the children of the World not only because it is unnecessary but loaded with GMOs in the U.S. and contaminants. When I consider how careful I was in pregnancy and when feeding my family, this assault on young, growing bodies is definitely worth fighting against.

Kat Carroll - NHF

The very idea of medicating not only America, but the World against our will in order to further someone’s bottom line (Eli Lilly and Elanco, their vet drug arm) was my trigger, shooting me into food activism because of one dedicated veteran freedom-fighter’s article. Ractopamine is labeled “all natural” and is the ultimate in label deceit. Entering NHF as the Executive Assistant to the President Scott Tips, I did every job imaginable to embrace and further health freedom and years later, still do. Along the way, Adytum Sanctuary morphed into a self-catered breakfast experience so I would have time to use my mornings to write for NHF. My guests were happier to set their own schedule and I was passionately writing volumes which are still being added to my compilation of work at http://globalfoodfighter.com/.

After nearly 4 years working with the National Health Federation, I am widely published beyond the many blogs I’d been working on prior to NHF’s entrance into my life. I am Associate Editor of Health Freedom News, Editor of the online NHF newsletter, and participate as a delegate at international Codex meetings where food, beverage, and nutritional supplement standards are set for the Planet; all this because of one article by one man! At this point, I have attended and participated in more international Codex meetings than any other health freedom activist apart from Scott Tips. There are some on the internet who tout themselves as Codex experts but believe me, they aren’t even in the parking lot holding up a sign. Scott Tips gained a seat at Codex in 2002 and the World hasn’t been the same since, nor has mine.

In my other “work-lives” which amazingly all dovetail so well with NHF,  I still consult and write as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, run Adytum Sanctuary without chemicals and with little help, and administrate two of our optometry clinics practicing ocular nutritional therapy and still write for my many blogs and for general publication. Passion and finding and practicing our destiny calling is an amazing force that drives us beyond what we feel is “normal” productivity.

2. What is the National Health Federation?

The National Health Federation is the first health freedom organization on the Planet, founded in 1955 with international members in over 23 countries. NHF is a consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals’ rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements, and use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions. NHF is the only health freedom organization at Codex. Think about that for a minute. NHF is the ONLY health freedom organization able to submit research, speak out to shape international food law, and correct final report entries at Codex Alimentarius. Codex means “food code” in Latin. Decisions made at Codex impact 7 billion people on the Planet. The NHF has the ability to speak out equally as India, China, and any other country or independent non-governmental agency or industry represented there.

National Health Federation

There are Monsanto front groups at Codex. There are industries like the artificial sweetener and artificial dye groups there. Do you think they are even remotely adhering to the stated goal of Codex “to protect food safety?”  I have done extensive writing along with Scott Tips’ own writing volumes on the topic— even a book before my day— revealing the reality of how food, beverage, and nutritional supplement decisions are made for the people of the World. Were NHF not present to moderate the inherent greed in this Global mix, you and your family would not be experiencing the health you have nor have any hope for it.Because of this, NHF is the most experienced and the most powerful internationally among all health freedom groups who are limited in scope of practice to local, state, and national. These groups have their merit and NHF attends the Health Freedom Congress nearly every year in order to cooperate with other health freedom groups in the U.S. and we participate locally and nationally as well.

3. What key events lead you to receiving the National Health Federation Health Freedom Hero award?

Katherine Caroll Image

I will share with you what follows  that appeared in the Health Freedom News:

“Katherine Carroll joined the Federation in the Summer of 2011, having worked first as a volunteer in every area where she could further NHF and health freedom. but her principal passions lay in creating bridges for the Federation with other groups and individuals and in raising funds and conducting research for NHF so that it could continue its work at Codex Alimentarius meetings and in fighting its other battles both nationally and internationally.  Working as our Associate Editor ofHealth Freedom News and Director of Social Media and Outreach, as well as in many other areas, she is without a doubt a strong missionary for NHF, who has attended a number of Codex meetings herself. Perhaps one of the most successful fundraisers for the Federation, she has furthermore been tireless in her efforts to promote both our organization and the principles of health and health freedom.  For these reasons and more, the Federation thanks Ms. Carroll for her hard work and devotion to the NHF and health freedom.”

4. What are the most memorable contributions have you made regarding food safety and why?

I have done a tremendous amount of writing and educating the last nearly 4 years as Scott Tips has before me. Codex is a mystery to most and many have never heard of it nor its power over their lives. There are no reporters behind those doors where decisions are made for what we will eat, drink, and what supplements we will take and in what therapeutic strengths. NHF and I have been faithful to open the otherwise closed doors and allow entrance into a World few have the privilege to participate in.

In Beijing, China in 2013 NHF, with Scott Tips as Head of Delegation, got 50% of aluminum reduced in the food supply and completely eliminated in many food groups. Later walking through the airport and passing a restaurant with a lot of breaded items displayed on the menu board above the counter, I turned to Scott and said, “Those diners don’t realize that we just protected their brains and bodies against all the aluminum in their meal.”

The more you learn about food, food safety, additives, and yes- even additives to additives, you will appreciate the work that NHF does often silently and without fanfare for your health and health freedom. That flight to China was 17 hours in economy and adjusting to a 16 hour date/time line difference with no time to adjust before the Codex meeting commenced. It is a sacrifice and one that was well worth it and one funded by just a few loyal, awake and aware donors. NHF doesn’t have a big trust fund and I foot the expenses for my own Codex travel every time. Sad but true. People need to become aware of their benefactors and support them….

The same year in Minneapolis, MN, NHF participated in the Codex Committee on Vet Drug Residues in Foods during Minnesota’s greatest heat wave in years. Side-walk cafes and schools closed. The air conditioner in my hotel room was broken. But NHF worked on (with jacket off….) and got 9 out of 10 antibiotics banned in imported shellfish one that caused aplastic anemia leading to leukemia!

We prepare to attend this Codex Committee meeting again in Costa Rica in late April. Recombinant bovine growth hormone will be discussed along with a host of vet drug residues in our food supply. We are being medicated against our will and it is causing antibiotic resistance, the destruction of our gut microbiome, and ill health in man and beast.

Kenya and Ghana Delegates with NHF
Recently in Bali, Indonesia, NHF participated in the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses and prevented the proposed “dumbing down” of our nutritional supplements and instead got Vitamin C raised 220%. This is significant when you realize that there has been a steady march to lowering values so that our supplements, if available at all, are costly and impotent.  We also fought the use of Follow-Up Formula, which in America is ridden with GMOs as the weight of the first five ingredients indicates. Interesting GMOs are not inherent elsewhere but our FUF is rife with these killers.

As a nutritional therapy practitioner of ten years’ duration and a dedicated supplement user, we must fight to retain the right to heal ourselves, our family, friends, and our clients. Few are aware that some very common, safe supplements such as melatonin are illegal in countries like Denmark. In Germany if you go into a health food store you will find….body products and one tiny area dedicated to overpriced, under-therapeutically valued supplements.  We need to wake up and move from “slacktivism” (signing a petition and thinking we’ve done our part) into “activism” where we leverage power to create change.

NHF is the power I found where leverage was possible because of our work at international Codex meetings. Local, state, and national activist efforts are noble and NHF most assuredly embraces their valuable work too, but when the World is trending toward “harmonization” so that World trade is facilitated and food, beverage, and supplement standards are the same in every country, we must think globally and act from that point. The statement, “Think globally, act locally” is in need of revision. Codex changed the game. We must work at a global level and that is why NHF, Scott Tips and I and other delegates around the World, participate in Codex Committees on Contaminants, Additives, Nutrition, Vet Drug Residues in Foods, and others we hope to attend such as Pesticide Residues and Culinary Spices in China and India respectively. We currently lack funding in order to represent you. This is the frustration of being a non-profit accepting no government funding but depending solely on donations.
Additionally NHF participates in Codex Commission meetings in Europe.Before my involvement with NHF, Scott Tips alone – read that again – ALONE- led the charge at Codex Committee on Contaminants in the Netherlands against deadly melamine. Can you believe the entire World represented at Codex remained silent when this killer contaminant was up for debate? What will ever be so incredibly humbling for me is realizing that my family and I were being protected- yes, even my animals, by the National Health Federation before I even knew they existed.

5. What is one of the largest underlying issues with today’s food industry that needs more global awareness and what are you currently doing to work towards it?

When I attended the Codex Committee on Food Additives in Hong Kong in 2014, I have never been so frustrated nor felt so angry. One of the agenda issues was aspartame, a deadly neurotoxin of which I’m sure you are all quite aware and wisely avoiding. The game has never been clearer in this debate and in all the others we face at Codex: greed and opening global markets trumps health and health freedom despite the stated goal of Codex to protect the consumer and provide food safety. NHF is the true food activist global watchdog. We have the track record in years of news releases published after every meeting detailing what we fought and what the outcome was.  Aspartame, we were all told, was not going to be debated as “its safety has already been determined.” So Codex relies on junk-science provided by FDA appointed JECFA. Unbiased, open sourced science is not a part of decisions being created that will determine your health and health freedom.

When you understand what drives decisions that reach the market place and the consumer, and how wrong the science and the motivations are, you will agree that siting voiceless on the sidelines doing nothing but pushing “like” on Facebook or just acting locally will never work in today’s food and nutritional supplement climate.

6. Can you give us some insight on what International Codex meetings are like and some key topics that have been discussed during your attendance?

Codex Alimentarius, Latin for “food code” is where NHF impacts Global policy to change the World. The National Health Federation participates with Country Delegates, Industry Delegates (Monsanto front-groups included), and other Independent Non-Governmental Agencies to shape Global policy for what we eat, drink, and the availability and potency of nutritional supplements. There are 27 Codex committees in all governing the Planet.

Codex Committee

Codex is short for the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), which based in Rome, is an international organization jointly created by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations. Later, the World Trade Organization (WTO) joined the ménage a trois and the stated goal of Codex 50 years prior when it came into existence, fell even further from its lofty beginnings.

NHF gave me, and now you, entrance into a World few enter. Scott Tips was responsible for getting NHF into Codex in 2002 as the only health freedom organization able to speak, submit scientific research, and shape Global policy. By a seeming “chance meeting at Adytum Sanctuary” I have been allowed to participate at the highest level of international food politics and it remains a tremendous privilege for which I’m humbly honored and grateful. When NHF speaks, BILLIONS of lives are impacted for the better. Since we are one of only 5 consumer groups at Codex, and many times the only consumer group present, NHF’s power to protect the health and health freedom of the World is vital.

Codex Committee

The Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) sets the guidelines and standards for Dietary Supplements and Medical Foods and is one NHF is particularly committed to as there have been Global attempts to dumb-down nutritional supplements making them impotent and expensive. NHF also speaks at the Codex Committee for Food Additives, Codex Committee for Contaminants, Codex Committee for Vet Drug Residues in Foods, and many others. As I have written about and coined my first quotation, “We live in a day when food is suspect is proven innocent.

We can’t assume anything is safe. NHF has debated and fought successfully for the most part, not always, against the inclusion of many contaminants like lead, ochratoxin-A, aluminum, aspartame, MSG, GMOs, Ractopamine, melamine, antibiotics in foods, and many, many more. We have fought hard to retain our nutritional supplements, not only their therapeutic values but their very availability. DSHEA is a false hope when the World trends toward homogenization and harmonization. America needs to wake up. Realize the rest of the World has lost or is losing the ability to get the simplest supplements, like melatonin. Either fight for retaining your supplements and the ability to heal yourself and your family or to practice your profession….or lose it.With so many assaults against us now from the soil to the sky, from Monsanto to Geoengineering, we must do whatever we can to stop the cumulative effect of toxins invading our body and the Planet.

To have the power to create positive changes on at the global seat of power, Codex Alimentarius, is a unique privilege afforded to only health freedom organization: the National Health Federation and it is our honor and our privilege to fight for you and your family. All we ask in return is that you take up your part in this battle for our lives and for the Earth by doing what you can, where you are, and providing support in active ways for those of us on the front lines. http://www.thenhf.com. Thank you so much for allowing me to tell my story and to hopefully inspire you to protect and heal those who inhabit our Planet while there is still time and the chance to do so.

“We must fight to the death for health freedom because we will die if we do not fight for it.” Katherine A. Carroll

About Kat Carroll:

Kat Carroll - AuthorKat Carroll is Associate Editor of the National Health Federation’s magazine, Health Freedom News, Editor of the NHF e-newsletter, and is on the Board of Directors of the National Health Federation Canada and the Advisory Board for GreenMedInfo. Kat received the 2014 Health Freedom Hero award, she also writes for several blogs, is frequent contributor to several publications, and is currently compiling a book on Codex Alimentarius based on first-hand experience attending International Codex meetings.

Kat maintains a private practice as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified in First Line Therapy, and is a member of the Nutritional Therapy Association and the Ocular Nutrition Society. Kat is also Clinic Administrator at her and her husband’s two Optometry clinics. Additionally, Kat enjoys hosting guests at Adytum Sanctuary, their Pacific Northwest retreat.

katacarroll@gmail.com / 1.360.790.2011


Original interview http://www.freshnlean.com/interview-with-kat-carroll/

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October 30, 2014

The National Health Federation (NHF) participated in an FDA-arranged conference call earlier this week in preparation for the U.S. position to be taken at the upcoming meeting of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses to be held in Bali, Indonesia, this late November. The topic was the proposed draft Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) for labelling purposes in the guidelines on nutrition labelling. This is a joint FAO/WHO food standards program purportedly designed to protect children at risk from malnutrition and wasting by using fortified infant formula, follow-up formula, cereals, and also to set NRVs for infants and children. Unfortunately, Codex is allowing “fortification” with GMO-contaminated ingredients and that turned out to be the focus of the conference call.

There were only 21 present on the call despite the fact it is open to the general public. This conference call was conducted using the same protocol as in regular Codex meetings and participants were invited to speak at the end of reviewing the various sections up for debate.

Sadly, Fluoride is up for consideration to receive an NRV. Most likely, it will not receive an NRV in this Codex committee; but Fluoride will be reviewed for assignment of an NRV for Non-Communicable Diseases by a Working Group that the United States is working on. NHF will continue to follow this issue as our documented position has always been that Fluoride is toxic at any of the levels and for any of the purposes being considered by Codex.

As an accredited INGO at Codex, NHF participates in the electronic Working Group (eWG) for special dietary foods like infant and follow-up formula (FUF). FUF is designed for children from 6-36 months when transitioning from breast milk to a regular diet. Codex is concerned with wasting and malnutrition and these formulations are supposed to prevent both. Others have expressed the opinion, also noted in the Codex record, that FUF is primarily related to creating a market for a product targeting a certain demographic and that it is unnecessary. NHF agrees.

During the call, NHF made the comment, noted in the record, that NHF does not only feel that follow-up formula is unnecessary but that it is actually harmful, as the first ingredients listed are GMO ingredients such as corn, corn syrup, corn maltodextrin, and soy and/or soybean oil depending upon whether the FUF is milk-based or soy-based. Of course there are other problems with FUF, but today’s focus was on GMO and the fact it is not needed and is actually harmful.

Familiar sight on every street corner in Beijing and Hong Kong

Familiar sight on every street corner in Beijing and Hong Kong

Ingredients in the Nestle® version of FUF:

NHF advised the conferees that the focus on the NRVs (essentially, recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals) should not be the only concern but that the safety of the product must be considered. This formulation, we argued, will cause the very wasting and malnutrition it is designed to protect against (by the alteration of GI bacteria and the resultant inflammation). I asked if this aspect was able to be considered at this stage of the Codex process. Silence….

Next, there was a call by the Chairwoman for anyone else on the line familiar with or expert in GMO to comment. It was completely silent once again. Next, a request was made for NHF to state the GMO (contaminated) ingredients, so I ticked off the list: corn, sugar, and soy (which held the lion’s share) in the product and mentioned that these would be fed to infants and young children around the World. Again, the silence was deafening.

It is amazing that considering the GMO aspect should appear such a novel concept; no one seemed to be able to recite the macro-ingredients forming the largest percentage of FUF and acknowledge that they were GMOs. It was a case of “can’t see the forest for the trees” by only seeing the NRVs and not realizing that no amount of good nutrition was going to offset the disaster at the start of the formulation. Next, there followed an invitation to NHF that formal comments in regards to GMO in follow-up formula be submitted prior to the regular meeting in November. NHF already planned to submit research and comments on this topic as well as the NRVs, but now has this added incentive to do so.
Many other infant formulas have the same problem with GMO contamination. Last year, Abbot Laboratories shareholders voted to retain the GMO in Similac® despite the fact that it clearly has multiple GMO contaminations. Similac® soy formula has even more GMO content than Similac Sensitive®, probably more than 70% since the first few listed ingredients include 42.6% corn syrup, 14.7% soy protein isolate, 10.1% sugar (if beet sugar), and 8.4% soy oil.

This is why it is vital for NHF to be present at every level, protecting the consumer and speaking in defense of health and health freedom particularly for those who cannot speak to defend themselves. The issue of contamination with GMOs was totally ignored prior to our broaching the subject. Granted, it is the job of the Codex Committee on Food Labelling (CCFL) to handle that issue. But, we cannot ignore this. If NHF achieves getting it sent back through the CCFL for consideration, then we will have made progress. It might take some time but we are in it for the long term.

Kat Carroll

Whether researching, submitting comments, participating in eWGs as with this week’s phone conference, or appearing at international Codex meetings, NHF has the power to shape policy globally. It is unlikely that Nestle and the other big-name producers will stop making follow-up formula even though these children upwards of six months of age for whom it is designed need to be weaning to indigenous foods versus eating contaminated products.

NHF will continue to educate consumers and apply pressure in order to clean up these formulations and protect the health-integrity of growing children worldwide. If you would like to make your voice carried with us to the Codex Nutrition Committee this November, then please donate by helping underwrite a portion of NHF’s expenses at: http://www.thenhf.com/donations/ and know your decision to help is impacting billions of the World’s children.

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World News Report By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP, Associate Editor

After a successful seminar in Atlanta, Georgia April 2014, where NHF spoke and hosted a booth, we were walking past the Louisiana Grill restaurant at the airport. I noticed everything on the wall-menu was breaded. Turning to National Health Federation (NHF) President, Scott Tips, I remarked that NHF’s fight against aluminum in food that we accomplished in Beijing in 2013, Norway in February of 2014, and most recently in Hong Kong at Codex’s food additives meeting mean these diners (and consequently you) will now get less aluminum in breaded and batter-covered dishes. Practical examples like the menu at the Louisiana Grill is when NHF’s hard work defending your health at international Codex meetings just shines.

But most of these diners do not even realize that their food is laced with a neurodegenerative additive that may promote or accelerate Alzheimer’s disease or that NHF not only protects their health, but does the practical work to achieve a healthier meal. Recently someone remarked, “NHF gets things done!” We are the original food activists, since 1955, long before food safety was on everyone’s radar.

NHF has attended four Codex meetings in the first four months of 2014 thanks to the generous support of loyal health-freedom fighters. Scott Tips and Ilse Van De Wiele attended in Bergen, Norway in February at the Codex Committee on Fish and Fishery Products. In March, Scott Tips and I attended the Codex Committee on Food Additives in Hong Kong solidifying the anti-aluminum work successfully accomplished in Norway and debating NHF’s anti-aspartame position relentlessly. From there Scott attended the Codex Committee on Contaminants in Foods in the Netherlands speaking against arsenic and lead, and wrapping up a lot of exhausting travel in April in Paris at the Codex Committee on General Principles.

Next year, NHF wants to represent you at the Codex meetings in China on pesticide residues, which impact not only the bees but the soil and your health. Even organic produce is reported to have pesticide residue. A new Codex committee formed in India regulates spices. As you know from my recent article, “Will Codex and the Drug Companies Raid the Spice Rack to Steal Your Eyesight?” (http://www.thenhf.com/article.php?id=3671) Codex and the FDA are bent on controlling spices that have the ability to heal blinding eye diseases and more. With your support, NHF will attend to fight attempts by Codex to keep healthful solutions out of our direct control.

April 26th, Scott educated over a hundred health care practitioners and doctors in Atlanta, Georgia about Codex Alimentarius’ impact on their practice in a speech subtitled, “It’s always what you don’t know that will get you.” This predator, Codex Alimentarius, is on the loose and poised to strike against a healer’s ability to operate effectively or with the freedom currently employed. NHF is aware of this enemy and knows how to handle it. Now over a hundred doctors and healers do too many having joined with us to fight alongside NHF. Some went the extra mile like Bevorly Cain-Berk Nurse Practitioner, who joined at the Corporate Level and pledged $1000 annual support putting Beverly in the “Million Dollar club” donor category.

NHF cannot represent you if there isn’t funding. We do not operate with debt. If you’d like representation on issues that will impact you and your family then please follow Bevorly’s example. NHF needs monthly support we can count on for Codex meetings, speeches, and education campaigns throughout the year.
We will continue this year to combat contaminant and pesticide residues, protect the nutrient levels in supplements from falling further, we will help alternative practitioners defend their practices- some with direct legal aid from NHF – and we will participate on the State and National level as well.
The National Health Federation has just joined efforts with the Texas Health Freedom Coalition (Peter M. McCarthy, CTN, Chairman) to pass (1) a constitutional amendment to the Texas State Constitution guaranteeing all Texans access to the health care of their choice, and (2) an amendment to the existing medical practice code, limiting its applicability only to medical doctors.

In doing so, NHF joins a team of lawyers, some from the National Health Freedom Coalition, and other health-care practitioners and interested parties, all of whom are working in support of this ambitious legislative effort.

It is our goal that Texas set the precedent for the Nation. NHF will keep you apprised as this noteworthy project gains momentum.

NHF will continue to empower people to assume their rightful place as participants in health and healthcare at the highest levels. We don’t believe we are victims to the current administration or Global climate of anti-health. With you, we fight and we fight hard. Please visit http://www.thenhf.com and jump into the fray with us. Everyone must take an interest in politics at Local, State, National, and Global levels. It’s taking an active interest in destroying your health and health freedom. NHF has been at the front lines for 60 years. You can trust us. We get it done.

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Will Codex and the Drug Companies Raid the Spice Rack to Steal Your Eyesight? By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP,Associate Editor

Culinary Indian spices are rising superheroes of the nutritional World. When most of us were growing up, these spices were not a regular part of many of our diets. Today, though, they are commonly available high-profile healers of the highest order. But if history repeats itself, we can anticipate a raid on powerful molecules found in your spice rack, turning them into drugs available only by prescription or subject to unnecessary regulation. This is one of the reasons the National Health Federation (NHF) opposes Senator Dick Durbin’s Dietary Supplement Act – in this case, to protect manufacturers who encapsulate spices in therapeutic formulations designed to heal serious eye disease and more. As Codex Alimentarius has decided to add a new committee to its roster with the Codex Committee on Spices and Culinary Herbs (CCSCH) in February 2014, the potential for unnecessary regulatory control has NHF concerned.

Curcumin is the main curcuminoid of the popular Indian spice turmeric, which is currently enjoying exalted status as a true panacea for modern-day ills as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antitumor spice. Zeaxanthin-rich saffron, the most expensive of spices at $500 a pound, is a proven star in both the Eastern and Western healing traditions for treating macular degeneration. It takes nearly 150 flowers to produce a single gram of dried saffron threads. Even ordinary rosemary is being touted as one of the healing modalities for the potentially blinding diseases of macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa.


Several studies of these spices have shown their effective use in the potentially blinding diseases macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, and cataract development as well. In a December 2013 study, “Curcumin: Therapeutical Potential in Ophthalmology,” curcumin proved itself effective against several ocular diseases, such as chronic anterior uveitis, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and dry eye syndrome. “Unfortunately, because of its low solubility and oral bioavailability, the biomedical potential of curcumin is not easy to exploit; for this reason more attention has been given to nanoparticles and liposomes, which are able to improve curcumin’s bioavailability. Pharmacologically, curcumin does not show any dose-limiting toxicity when it is administered at doses of up to 8 g/day for three months.” Black pepper and lecithin also improve bioavailability.

But to truly impact absorption of the healing spices and creating a remedial response, restore the proper balance of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract which is potentially the greatest source of inflammation in the body. Microbial imbalance leads to increased inflammation, oxidative stress, and impaired immune response and more—which are foundational to potentially blinding eye diseases. A January 2014 study in Cell researched life extension and the diseases related to age-related changes in the gut flora. When bacteria in the gut are in balance, not only is one’s life span extended, but the diseases common to the elderly decrease, leading to a higher quality of life.

From tumors and cancer to cataracts there is little turmeric cannot heal. Speaking with an Indian delegate to Codex recently, a food scientist from the Spices Board, she said that even a poultice made of turmeric and applied overnight would resolve most ulcers and abscesses on the body. Many East Indians eat pickled turmeric daily; NHF wants to ensure that it remains available as a nutritional supplement for those who don’t eat it daily as a part of their dietary pattern.

In another study from PubMed republished on GreenMedInfo’s database in 2008, diabetes was induced in rats but the subsequently administered curcumin-and-turmeric treatment appeared to have countered the hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress. Blindness is a complication of diabetes. Curcumin will make an effective addition to a diabetic protocol on several counts.

In the July 2012 issue of Evidence Based Complementary Medicine, a longitudinal follow-up study of saffron supplementation in early, age-related macular degeneration reported sustained benefits to central retinal function. Lastly, lowly rosemary comes to the forefront in retinal protection in macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, which has no known therapeutic treatments, so this is exciting indeed.

If you don’t think the drug companies are anxious to swoop in and snatch up these ancient spices and herbs to patent them out of your reach, just look at how GlaxoSmithKline reacted in 2010 when resveratrol’s incredible healing powers were rising and its impact on multiple myeloma was creating excitement for the next super-drug. Observing the incredible potential of resveratrol,
GlaxoSmithKline pursued this molecule, skewing its molecular structure in order to patent what was being touted as a “poly-pill” capable of curing anything. What they most likely did not factor in was dose-dependency and ended a trial when their presumably high dose created kidney failure; they may very well have missed their aim of patenting a natural substance that still holds its place well, impacting an important cross section of diseases. But the pharmaceutical model stands as a threat to health and health freedom today as common spices are exhibiting radical healing potential on their own without the structural skewing and we have access to them directly and much more cheaply due in large part to NHF’s protective stance in regards to nutritional supplements at Codex.

It puts NHF on high alert when Codex Alimentarius decides to insinuate itself into your kitchen spice rack by adding a new Codex committee meeting in India in February 2014. According to Sanjay Dave, Codex Chairman, the first meeting will be to frame strategies for quality of culinary spices and promote harmonization to facilitate World trade. As far as the spice quality is concerned, that deals with issues like physical characteristics, uniformity in color, size, appearance, and packaging, which come under quality parameters.

Safety parameters in spices focus on pesticide residues, mycotoxin contamination, microbiological such as Salmonella, E. coli, and other contamination that is harmful to health. When these issues arise in relation to quality regulation, which again is simply addressing color, size, appearance, and packaging, they will be referred to the appropriate Codex committee responsible for them, such as the Food Labelling, Food Additives, Food Hygiene, Pesticide Residues, Contaminants, and so on, most of which the National Health Federation participates in. This initial Codex committee meeting on Culinary Spices will begin the tedious process of sorting every culinary herb into monitoring pathways handled by appropriate Codex committees on all of the issues from quality to safety. For example, the Pesticide Residue Codex Committee will determine appropriate parts per million or maximum upper limits of pesticide residues which will be adopted globally for purposes of creating harmonization in World Trade when that particular spice is exported.

According to the Spices Board of India, countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Netherlands have laid down cleanliness specification for spices. The European Spice Association (ESA), comprising members of the European Union, has come out with the “quality minima for herbs and spices.” This serves as a guideline with specifications for member countries in European Union. The European Union has yet to finalize the cleanliness specification for spices and spice products. It is too bad this governing body was not able to achieve a clean, relatively standardized export product without Codex involvement. So while there are some decidedly good aspects to Codex’s goal of harmonization by promoting the assurance that imported spices are clean and free from contaminants, where spices are concerned that have been proven in scientific research to heal many diseases, of the eyes in particular, NHF sees a pathway directly from the kitchen spice rack right to the revolving door of the Pharmaceutical industry in the hopes of patenting these healing spices. This will reduce the power of the average person to control their own health by using these spices for treating disease as World trade and the potential for profits and increased regulatory control at the expense of health reigns supreme.

The threat is not only drug companies lobbying to regulate common, but powerfully healing, kitchen spices but irradiation is an issue as well, which lowers the nutritional content of foods. India is having a problem currently with a lack of integrity in the cleanliness of their spices. Like China, once you gain a reputation for releasing impure product in world trade, you are forever suspect. They are wise to adopt standards and guidelines in many respects if they wish to increase their economy by trading globally. This could have been achieved apart from Codex, however, and should have been achieved nationally. But they have adopted this course and the National Health Federation intends to have a say in how it’s managed as we see the potential pitfalls and loss of control of healing spices
currently labeled “culinary.”

Perhaps the most important part of the Indian spice issue is just what happened when GlaxoSmithKline tried to get a patent on resveratrol for use in diabetics. This action threatened to take a valuable healing tool out of the reach of the consumer and leave drug companies and doctors in full control of access and availability. The same could happen with the developing spice market being so effective in healing potentially blinding eye disease with curcumin, turmeric, saffron, and rosemary being potentially regulated as drugs. If NHF can stave it off, so much the better for us all who feel our eyesight is too precious to brook the interference of excessive and unnecessary regulation. NHF appreciates your support (http://www.thenhf.com/page.php?id=19) as we attend many Codex meetings in 2014 to protect you and your family.

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